Kaspersky: attacks with trojans and banking rise 43% in Saudi Arabia in the first half of 2019

Revealed Kaspersky report, latest security threats in Saudi Arabia which showed the height of attacks with trojans and banking 43% in the first half of the year.

كاسبرسكي: هجمات التروجانات المصرفية ترتفع 43% في السعودية في النصف الأول من 2019Kaspersky: attacks with trojans and banking rise 43% in Saudi Arabia in the first half of 2019

The platform launched Kaspersky, the Kaspersky Security Network (KSN), which is a region specialized in the processing of information relating to security threats, a new report said that Saudi Arabia represents the target of escalating attacks banking through malware, has seen the kingdom’s rising attacks with trojans and banking 43% during the first half of the current year 2019.

Where reviewed platform KSN cyber attacks have occurred in Saudi Arabia between January and June the last two, and compare to the same period of the year 2018.

The attacks committed in Saudi Arabia, but they remain lower than the regional

With increased security threats recorded in many areas compared to the first half of the year 2018, the proportion of some, what shows that the major investment in security infrastructure and rising awareness, both among individuals or within companies, reduces the attractiveness of the kingdom as the target of a cyber attack. However, to the first half of the year as a period of more calm in terms of security of the second half in general, occurs from excessive optimism, according to the Kaspersky.

Despite the rising attacks with trojans and banking 43% in the kingdom, but it lasted less than the regional average of $ 55% in the same period.

As to the attacks of the ransom that came in second was less than the regional average of 42.7%, rising to 35% in the kingdom.

As well as, Saudi Arabia scored in the first half of 2019 a decrease of 29% in phishing attacks, compared to the first half of 2018.

This comes in a positive development compared to what happened at the district level and amounted to 20.6%. But we need not pay this decline the companies for registration, it was noticeable that the platform KSN registered a spectacular increase by 334% in crashes that occurred in the first quarter of 2019 compared to the first quarter of last year, so in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa.

The attacks of malicious software infections in the kingdom, recording a decrease of 19% when the Middle East has seen growth in these attacks increased by 5.8%.

The image of the pattern to help the existence of banking attacks

And through the skillful die, the security researcher First has Kaspersky in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa, on this point by saying: “companies and individuals in Saudi Arabia are among the most vulnerable in the Middle East and North Africa of the various forms of cyber threats”

Had to happen: “a common stereotype in the world about an affluent society able to pay money for each successful attack”

He added: “continued Kaspersky at the forefront of the LED awareness campaign focused and stretched for many years and resulted in measures now the best at the institutional level, while improved the ability of individuals to identify the cyber threats. Also found our study entitled “The economics of information technology” to the budgets of the security companies operating in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa in 2019 rose to $ 24 million, compared to only $ 5.6 million in 2018. This has led the meeting of these two working together to mitigate the impact of incidents while minimizing attraction to the subversive to the Kingdom and a willingness to invest time and effort in the attacks on them.”

It should be noted that the platform KSN represent the perception of global cooperation against cyber-attacks, and relies on voluntary contributions from customers of Kaspersky as a major source of data-related threats. And contributing to the delivery of the data collected with the LeT downloaded via technologies Kaspersky artificial intelligence and police experts, to ensure protection from e-threats new threats to larger enterprises.

It also helps the product company Kaspersky rapid response to threats of electronic, emerging, providing the highest levels of protection and assistance to reduce the number of alarms the error.

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