Kaspersky: Digital Anarchy employees leave companies at risk

Seeking companies around the world strive to protect their data because of a lack of awareness of the staff responsible for the chaos, the Digital, the proliferation of documents and digital files without thinking about the security consequences.

Found the report of the world prepared by Kaspersky Lab entitled “Order of chaos digital in companies” a number of links between the leadership of the chaos of the digital age and the human knowledge behind them, such as the arrangement of the refrigerator. The report revealed that 95% of those who see the refrigerators of their rank or salary to the extent of what they said the same thing about their digital lives at work.

The formation of the chaos of digital files, documents, and data that arise in the work without the company full visibility or control in the way storage or set to access them. Creates 72% of staff levels in the work contain personal data or sensitive and, if exposed to the gas they may cause the company financial damage or reputational, which damage may be inflicted on staff and customers.

And processing Digital Anarchy challenge for companies, but the most important steps needed to address them is to figure out who was responsible. And nearly three quarters of employees (71%) of business leaders or teams of Information Technology or security teams of digital, alone, should take responsibility to ensure the granting of appropriate access rights to the e-mail, files, and documents. But the problem lies in the presence of the field of human error with teams of Information Technology and security, able to move in giving employees access to files and folders or block them.

Staff can, whether it is wrong intentionally or inadvertently, employees can give their co-workers, or others outside of work, access to their credentials or to override the information technology administrators with new tools especially the Coordination of work. Should staff, in the shadow of their work on the creation of multiple levels and synchronized them with their colleagues, take responsibility for their actions that may cause chaos digital.

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The report found that in the life of staff on the daily habits may order the establishment of chaos Digital, also showed that the majority of employees have their habits are similar between cleaning refrigerators them organize their digital lives, as he said 88% of those who dressed in your fridge before going on vacation: they’re doing the same thing in the work files.

Confirmed (Maxim Frolov) – vice president of sales, global Kaspersky Lab – that business leaders with a significant rise in the volumes of data, to notice the mess of digital and security risks, potential, said: “It is true that cleaning your refrigerator at home will not guarantee a follow-up defense in the face of security breaches in enterprises, but apply the same mentality towards Digital Anarchy will make the staff more able to ward off cyber threats, so it should educate employees on the best ways to manage their digital assets, and there should be protection is simple but effective, don’t add complexity to the work but rather be afraid of him”.

To avoid falling victim to the chaos of digital, advises Kaspersky Lab corporate staff training on the practical skills they need in daily work, such as the solution: Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness Platform is also available in Arabic.

Also advised to remind staff regularly of the importance to follow the rules of cyber-security so as not to fade their skills in this area, so as to suspend posters with tips all over the place. Advised to produce backup copies of essential data to ensure safety of company information, with the freedom to update the technical devices and applications regularly to avoid security vulnerabilities that have not undergone reform processes.

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