Kaspersky: employee errors cause half of the incidents of e-security at industrial companies

He concluded a recent report prepared by the company Kaspersky to that the human factor is still – despite the automation – known industrial processes is compromised, explaining that the mistakes of the staff or an unintended action they have taken was behind the 52% of the incidents affected the operations of networks and systems, industrial control, last year.

Promised the report entitled “The state of cyber security of industrial 2019” this problem is part of a broader context and more complex, stressing that the increasing complexity of the structure of the industrial infrastructure requires greater protection skills. But companies are experiencing a shortage of competent professionals to deal with new threats and a decline in awareness among staff.

And many industrial companies keen to develop the digitization of their networks and the adoption of industry standards 4.0, considering four of the five industrial companies (81%) to digitize the network operational is “important” or “very important” this year. However, there remain risks related to cyber security, despite all the benefits that brings infrastructure related companies.

But the security of the operational processes and systems of industrial control has become a top priority for industrial companies, as confirmed by the majority of participants in a survey of Kaspersky (87%). However, to achieve the necessary level of protection requires investment companies in the measures dedicated to employing highly qualified professionals to make these measures effective, but slightly more than half of companies (57%) have the financial budgets dedicated to the electronic security industry.

In addition to financial constraints, raised questions about staff skills, companies not only suffer a lack of expertise in electronic security who with the right skills to manage the protection of industrial networks, but is concerned that the network operators operational techniques and control systems industrial workers have not fully aware of the power that goes jurisprudence of the staff and could result in breaches of cyber security. These challenges top the list of challenges disturbing concerning the management of electronic security in the industrial enterprises, but they also contain an explanation of the accepted fact that personnel mistakes cause half the accidents in the systems of industrial control, such as injuries to malicious software and attacks a high risk.

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This includes staff responsible for the security of the technical infrastructure in almost half of companies (45%) to network security techniques, operating systems, industrial control, and combine these tasks and responsibilities the basic. Has this approach to security risk; for even though the operational networks and institutional networks become more interconnected, it might be specialists from each side different ways (by 37% of survey participants) and different targets (18%) when it comes to cyber security.

He said (GA Ebony) – brand manager of electronic security industrial Kaspersky: the study of this year’s survey shows that companies seek to improve the protection of industrial networks, but he explained that this could not be achieved unless companies deal with risk issues relating to the lack of qualified personnel, and errors of staff. He added: “Such a comprehensive approach to multi-level, combines the technical protection and regular training for professionals the security of Information Technology, network operators, industrial to ensure the survival of the networks are protected from threats and staff skills updated”.

In addition to providing technical support and electronic security industry, companies need to consider providing specific protection for Internet of things industrial that can become linked to the Great outside; the study found that nearly half of businesses (41%) are willing to link private networks to report its operational and systems for industrial control to the cloud, using preventive maintenance or twins digital.

For his part, said Dr. (Jesse Molina) – the chairman of the Group (I. I. C.) for security and the director of Business Development (hotel security solutions): the growing interdependence between peripheral devices in the Industrial Internet of things and cloud services “still stands as a challenge to security”, as shows the survey conducted by the Group “A. R. C.” advisory on behalf of Kaspersky, added: “This was a security challenge one of the factors that was established under the action (A. I. C.) The security of the Internet of things Industrial in addition to place subsequent documents on best practices and model maturity and security of the Internet of things”.

Recall that A has Kaspersky a specialized set of solutions and services that address the challenges facing industrial companies. And solution Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity between the protection of the terminal points and industrial companies by dealing with threats on the level of the operator and in the environments of the systems of industrial control, with the information services advanced threats and Incident Response. The company also provides training programs and awareness specialist has been designed by security experts of e-managers and the operations of the operators of control systems of industrial.

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