Kaspersky facilitates the processes of investigating attacks, crimes and combating threats

The company said Kaspersky day Sunday: the latest versions of the Kaspersky EDR, and Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack offer new features that will simplify the operations of the investigation into the attacks and cybercrime, and to strengthen the processes of chasing threats in order to enjoy them on and off.

The company added that a database of indicators of migration IoAs – newly added, and its airport see the threats expert workers have Kaspersky – help to provide additional context during an investigation into the activities of cyber crimes. Moreover, tied migration indicators of these risks especially up by the base of the MITRE ATT&CK on, to ensure analysis is more accurate in the tactics of the enemies, techniques, and procedures. These improvements are main companies to speed up the accident investigation of electronic knowledge.

Referred Kaspersky to that it can stop accidents linked web threats concerned have a significant impact detrimental to the business, in addition to the costs of response and recovery, and restore operations, the costs of investment in systems or new processes, to influence the availability of services, as well as damage to reputation.

And Kaspersky that companies today are thinking in the growing number of malware, and the scope of deployment, a sign of increasing advanced threats on threats. The 41% of companies admitted that she attacked the waves. The companies need to have protection from complex threats, which can avoid being detected in case the company chose to the protection required. And Kaspersky companies to solve this problem thanks to the next generation of platforms Kaspersky EDR and Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack.

The formation of the platform solution the Kaspersky EDR and Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack on the function to check the indicators hack IoCs, such as: file name and path, IP address, URL, etc., which indicate the occurrence of an attack. It offers solutions in a copy of their new ability to search for indicators of the attack, beside the search feature on the indicators for penetration, in the new feature provides an opportunity to improve the methods of hackers and tactics of their work, regardless of malware or legitimate used in the attack. And events a unique set of migration indicators developed by Kaspersky, in order to simplify the investigation process when making remote measuring of a number of terminal points. Indicators show the attack matched in the user interface with detailed descriptions, and recommendations on the best ways to be followed in dealing with the attack.

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Customers can produce a range of indicators of their own immigration, based on their inner experience, their knowledge of the most important threats, and enabling information technology. And draw all new events automatically and immediately, connect them to an internal database of indicators of migration, making it possible to control the instant of enlightened data the exact response required, as well as scenarios detection in the long term, according to the characteristics of the local infrastructure.

Becomes Can companies control of accidents expected in the event of their occurrence, and to investigate in a more efficient manner, thanks to the solution the Kaspersky EDR and Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack, next to the base of the MITRE ATT&CK on, which can be accessed from all over the world, including on the tactics and methods of anti -, based on observations of reality. And the threats detected link automatically the knowledge base, with new incidents immediately in its context, using the data of external information and methods of attacks. A deep understanding of the migration minimize future risk, and to help security teams accelerate threat analysis, and deal with it.

The job enhanced also for companies that provide monitoring service e-security and management, the interpretation of the structure of the new multi-lease area in front of the providers of Managed Security Services; to protect the infrastructure of several clients at the same time.

He said (Sergei Marine) – head of Marketing Commercial Products has Kaspersky: if I can cybercriminals to gain a foothold in the devices are the subject of the trust, or exploit security flaws to launch attacks without waiting, or misuse of the software the official, legitimate, or hacked personal accounts, or follow the methods of social engineering exploitation of personnel, and all of that without being detected, considering that this requires “not to rely exclusively on the evidence that may upset the criminals behind them, but the war on the sea from the potential effects of their activity subversive”.

Added Marine: “we’ve translated the experience of Kaspersky to a set of indicators of migration, and we outline its base MITRE ATT&CK knowledge, to help companies solve this problem, via the acquisition of the ability to access more information, and deeper understanding of the finer intentions of the malicious vandals, the companies would then be able to respond to the complex threats faster”.


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