Kaspersky has produced a documentary illustrating their contribution to the rhythm gang Carbanak

Magazine has released (Tomorrow Unlocked) electronic culture and Digital, which founded by Kaspersky, is a documentary of four parts tells the story of the gang (Carbanak) bad reputation that managed to steal vast sums from the sources and institutions around the world capacity of more than a million dollars.

The film, its component parts is four, the first in a series of films that documented by Kaspersky accidents realistic from the world of digital crime and safety name (hacker: HUNTER).

The episodes of the film of the four that can watch them for free and the duration of the operation total 31 minutes, the story of the arrest of four members of the gang (Carbanak) in Taiwan; and Spain within the process of achieving wide international.

The film presents a brief history of the founding of the gang, and the ways in which follow her in the theft of funds, the reasons that made it difficult to stop.

The film views and opinions of a number of experts, including officials of the security companies E major face of the official organisation and the media.

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The gang (Carbanak) of the subversive group notorious crimes, electronic theft of money on a large scale.

The gang’s first electronic that employs tools, techniques, and procedures are highly complex and, from a level that is usually associated third-party subversive backed by the government, so for the purposes of the implementation of the financial crimes are extensive.

It seems she has mastered how to stay away from monitoring with the continued building enormous wealth, and (Carbanak) over time to the umbrella group of the activities of the internet crimes that include you all in the same purpose of outstanding achieving illicit financial gains.

Led active cooperation at the international level in the year 2018 to arrest a number of suspects belonging to the gang.

The movie newly released the first in a series of documentaries that revolve around the incidents of an electronic milestone occurred in different parts of the world.

The audience can watch the second movie of the series (hacker:HUNTER), who knows the story of the process (Wannacry) disruptive famous that hit the world in the year 2017, while Will followed by other documentaries exciting about the Internet Crimes the most exciting in history.

Said York van der in, Expert Security Kaspersky: the modus operandi of the gang (Carbanak) aroused our interest in the development when we discovered, indicating that the way in which the MC has been transmitted through networks and funds from financial institutions is something we have not seen the like of him before.

“It was to stop this threat, which we have seen that he approached tactically and stylistically procedurally campaigns of sabotage electronic developed that have the support of some government agencies in the world, we hope to offer the public through this documentary An in-depth look at the acts, methods and procedure adopted by this criminal group, and that the council is aware of potential crimes of the internet will not accrue to them by the group never”.

Can be found on the fuller information about the gang (Carbanak), projects and disruptive on the page Securelist.comcan also follow the film series hacker:HUNTER documentary on the site TomorrowUnlocked.com.

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