Kaspersky Lab: 9.2 million trying to attack got through 2018

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كاسبرسكي لاب: 9.2 مليون محاولة هجوم حصلت خلال 2018

Shown new research conducted by company Kaspersky Lab that a Trojan bank is active in targeting shoppers of trademarks consumer popular on the internet, and credentials for entry and other information exchanged via these sites, which started its activity to increase with the start of the shopping season the big annual vacation and holidays.

Revealed Kaspersky Lab technologies from 9.2 million try to attack I got up to the end of the second quarter of 2018, compared to 11.2 try to attack the year 2017 as a whole, as revealed by the rise in attacks the same family of malware by 34 percent.

Half of all e-shops which was attacked by the signs of the subject of the famous sells shoes, gifts, toys, as well as major stores, department stores, and targeted attacks online shoppers in Italy, Germany and the United States and Russia in a number of emerging markets.

Targeted Trojans and banking usually the users of financial services via the internet, or looking for financial data to steal, or build networks botnet of compromised devices to launch future attacks through them, promoted many of these horses its functions over time, reaching the targeting data for online shoppers, get the possibility to access the depth of their devices.

The list included the families of the chairperson of malware that steal from the victims and shoppers of the brand e-Betabot and Panda and Gozi and Zeus, Chthonic and TinyNuke and Gootkit2 and IcedID and SpyEye (which is expected to increase detection of their attacks by 34% from the year 2017).

Targeting these horses well-known brands in the field of e-commerce to search for the credentials of the users (login and password), credit card number, phone number, etc., and take them through the interception of login credentials on the target sites, and modify the content of web pages, or redirect visitors to phishing pages festive.

Results included the chairperson to assess the research study conducted by Kaspersky Lab:

  • 50 percent of the brands targeted by the families of malware detected are the signs of a reputable fashion shoes, jewelry, gifts, children’s games and the major, followed by business relationships of FMCG (by 12 percent), and information in the field of entertainment and games ( by 12 percent).
  • Research led to the existence of 14 the family of trojans and malware targeting domain 67 an e-commerce site consumption, including 33 site for clothing eight sites for consumer electronics, and eight sites for entertainment, gaming, three popular sites for communication, and two from pay sites across the internet, and three retail sites, and others.
  • Was found more than three million set of credentials to log in to e-commerce sites for sale in the market is easily accessible through the Google search engine, and the imposition of higher prices on what seems to be trading accounts got hacked.

The study found that among these families:

o Family Betabot: which consumed 46 different brands, among the 16 brands of clothing and four brands of consumer electronics, and eight brands for entertainment and gaming, was the most affected by their attacks in Italy, increased by 14.13 percent of users affected by any malicious software targeted by this threat, and Germany ( increased by 6.04 percent) and Russia ( by 5.5 percent) and India ( up 4.87 percent). As it was, the UAE and Turkey are among the countries that have targeted users, by 3.13 percent and 2.81 percent, respectively.
o Family Gozi: targeting 36 brands, including 19 treatment-in closet and three signs of consumer electronics. He was the most affected by their attacks in Italy, increased by 19.57 percent of users affected by any malicious software targeted by this threat, and Russia ( by 13.89 percent) and Brazil ( up by 11.96 percent) and France ( down 5.91 percent), dissolved Turkey seventh in a list by 3.51 percent.

Said Yuri Namestnikov, a security researcher president in the global research and analysis team has Kaspersky Lab, the banking software malicious competent to steal credentials, access is not new, but he explained that the presence of the families of this software looking for data related to accounts, online shopping might be surprising.

He added: “If the user’s computer sources true known, can be criminals to steal payment card data while entered on the website of the store Target, it’s easy for criminals to steal user funds from his card was compromised. As criminals use stolen accounts in money-laundering schemes to purchase products from the web site using credentials stolen, to purchase a sound like she was from a well-known client don’t apply any procedures to combat fraud, and then selling what they bought”.

He urged Namestnikov consumers and retailers, when it comes the shopping season busiest on the internet in the year, to be extra vigilant about their security, checking the safety of web sites more than once before entering any data to, or downloading of any files from them.

Recommends Kaspersky Lab consumers by following these steps to stay safe when shopping online:

  • The adoption of the security solution and is essential for all devices used for shopping online, with the importance of avoiding purchasing anything via the internet from the sites don’t seem safe or like an unfinished version of the web site is a reliable brand known.
  • Do not click on links to unknown emails or messages in social networks, even those from known persons, unless the message is regular.

The trademark E-we have:

  • Use of the payment service, a good reputation and maintain updated electronic business platform and payment system online. May need all new update on the reforms necessary to make the system less vulnerable to attack.
  • Use a security solution rate to suit your needs to work to protect the company and customers.
  • The war on the integrity of the personal information used by customer in the procurement process, and use the solution to prevent fraud and can be adjusted to suit the nature of the work of the company and the nature of the customer.
  • Careful not to keep more money than they should in account payment transactions via the internet. The more money in the account, the value of his council.
  • Restrict the number of attempts associated with conducting a transaction and use the option of authentication such as Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code and others.

The study is research on data obtained with the consent of the users and processed using the Kaspersky Security Network, it should be noted that all of the malware that belong to the horses that were covered in the report, are detected and prevent it from by Kaspersky Lab security, and can get more detailed information about the study and see a copy of the report entitled “careful buyers of internet threats that target e-commerce sites in 2018” via the website.

The gate Arab News Technical Kaspersky Lab: 9.2 million trying to attack got through 2018

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