Kaspersky Lab: children are more open to electronic stores

Children become more forthcoming in electronic stores compared to the same time last year, it has doubled the children’s interest by shopping online at more than three times over the past year, from 2 percent to 9 percent, according to the report of Kaspersky Lab’s annual on the safety of children, which is based on the statistics of the bank secrecy respond of security products produced by the company and by the functions of parental control.

The results of the study by Kaspersky Lab that the children enjoy adults the benefits of online shopping, and browsing, and sometimes buying, the way E-that may become the only or the prevailing development in the future.

Parents must provide children with the guidance and support required to ensure enjoyment by rights and positive across the internet, without exposure to the risks of sharing any personal or financial information, and avoid the probability of falling victims to deceive based on the principles of social engineering, and financial losses because of it.

It is important to keep parents and guardians informed of permanent changes to the main bus in the behavior of their children on the internet.

Can the growing interest by e-commerce sites have children there are globally diverse, but that the extent of attention varies in different geographical location.

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According to the report data, the largest share in searches was seen in Russia and the CIS by 23 percent, followed by areas of North America increased by 15 percent, Europe and the Middle East increased by 11 percent, and Asia and Latin America by 9 percent.

توزع اهتمام الأطفال بالتجارة الإلكترونية يحسب المناطقThe distribution of children’s interest e-commerce improves the areas

While there are some regional disparities obviously, the more stores that is looking children in the world are: Ali Express AliExpress and Amazon; and Ebay.

Grow questions the children steadily on an annual basis when it comes to trading e-Chinese, as more brands target the country has this category of audience was Nike; the Adidas in the category sportswear, and Apple TV; and Samsung, in electronics, and Gucci; the fans; and supreme; and visited; the person in the clothes.

It should be noted that the search for the goods online, as well as visit certain pages of retailers, does not necessarily mean actual spending of money, lost-looking children about the things they like and watch the new ones, or collecting lists of wishes, to see friends and family.

You should not interpret this growing interest in online shopping by children of the need to prevent such activities, even if parents take an interest in children’s online and talk to them about their concerns and the risks involved in the online world and needs to be taken, with attention to developing some of the Basic Rules of the activity.

Anna said Larkin, a Anna Larkina, expert analysis of web content have Kaspersky Lab: the internet offers a lot of opportunities for kids who, many of them audience as chairman of the retailer electronic, pointing to the importance of providing support and guidance for children callers to the internet, whether they spend money or not, to help them avoid unintended to inappropriate content, or becoming victims of accidents are through which the to steal money or personal data.

She added, “It is necessary to remain a big familiar with what children are doing online and make sure their being armed with knowledge which will ensure them to attend safe on the World Wide Web, regardless of having to apply parental control to implement a number of functions in this area, this may create an opportunity for parents to spend time with their children on the internet, the creation of lists of wishes, their needs, their with war to teach them how to experience some of the important things on the internet”.

The following tips can help ensure that children remain safe online while you browse online shopping websites:

  • Warn children of the use of wireless networks that are not trusted in public to make payments for their purchases from ecommerce stores, as it can penetrate these networks easily intercept data traffic in which to steal confidential information.
  • The agreement with the children to inform parents on any payments they want to do, or even make all payments with the help of parents so that they can master to make such transactions on their own, with not allowing them to never enter credit card details on unfamiliar websites or suspicious, to avoid the access of cyber criminals to.
  • Guide the children to avoid to inform sales personnel on any personal details, whether over the phone or internet, giving them the confidence to seek help when they face any problems or when they are unsure of the actions that you take.
  • Alert children about refrain from informing any person outside the family members on the details of the payment, such as credit card number; expiry date; to and a personal identification code; and CVV, and that includes this refrain of friends and any members of the other adults, emphasizing to them that no one has the right to request this information of them in the original.
  • Prevent them from keeping the payment information on their devices, which can fall in the hands of criminals in case it is lost or stolen.
  • Activate the parental control functions in the solutions, such as Kaspersky Security Cloud; or Kaspersky Total Security, or the use of software applications specialist, such as Kaspersky Safe Kids, allows parents to monitor what children are doing or watching or looking for him via the internet on all devices, and this software tips on how to help children to act safely online, with clarify this the resort for children so that they feel comfortable about the issue of parental controls.

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