Kaspersky Lab: cyber attacks targeting the pet too!

Conducted Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Lab, in collaboration with research firm opeepl, the survey included 7,740 people of pet owners in 15 countries around the world, to see how they affect modern techniques in the safety of your pet.

Revealed the results of a study that one in five pet owners uses a kind of digital devices to monitor the animal or to protect him, while over the use of these devices to the exposure of the pet or the owner him to have 39% of the respondents.

Published Kaspersky Lab, in the month of May last year, based on the study, a report on the existence of gaps in tracking devices dogs and cats, which may allow an attacker manipulates the information relating to the location of the pet or even steal the data of the owner of the profile.

In the context of the study, it was found that the penetration of digital technologies, pet is not limited to tracking devices, but rather extends to the common tools that were mentioned by participants respondents in the study, such as cameras custom web control pets, smart phones, tablets, the potential for electronic games designed for pets, dolls digital, nutrient and water dispensers-automatic, and other.

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