Kaspersky Lab protection for allocating and Digital of cyber-attacks and fraud

Launched Kaspersky Lab bouquets of new services designed for companies working in the field of allocation and economic digital currencies. Now I can draft the IPO digital currency transactions and investments carried out, take advantage of customized services, such as review of the code the code many smart, assess the security of applications and websites, training and awareness about cyber security, and phishing protection, and Incident Response. The Kaspersky Lab, in addition to these services, the protection of the dealings currency from digital fraud and money laundering, in addition to supporting their ability to detect targeted attacks.

Has seen the free allocation and the labour market of digital evolution quickly become with him constitutes a large share of the global economy. The total market value of the digital at about $ 362 million, while the figures showed “PricewaterhouseCoopers” that were collected more than $ 19.7 million through IPOs, this digital currency held in the year 2018.

Although I think the allocation at the beginning of the reign of her technique is extremely safe, there are a lot of threats and risks of cyber security threats to the economy of the digital currency. And became the experts of Kaspersky Lab in the past two years were aware of the deceptive sites of the IPO of the famous host the phishing users, the sign on the attacks targeted to company transactions in the digital, software and advertising aimed at stealing the digital currency, and other vectors of malicious attacks electronic.

And Kaspersky Lab offers two services dealing with the details of how the work of the business models in these companies, the life cycle of the IPO of digital currency, as well as transactions that are digital currency, in order to help companies allocate and digital in overcoming those challenges. Services include Kaspersky Lab-oriented firms based on the IPO are the following:

  • Reviewing the code the code many smart Smart Contract Code Review, identifying glitches and unspoken, as you discover contradictions between what is stated in the supporting documents and the commercial context for many smart.
  • Assessment of Application Security Application Security Assessment, the team helps startups on the analysis of the situation of security in their applications; whether decentralized or conventional, which develops their startups.

The companies digital currencies are benefiting from the following services provided by Kaspersky Lab in achieving the level of security high transactions digital currency:

  • Assessment of application security Application Security Assessment, helps owners of digital currencies on the detection of technical problems of critical and deal with them before they cause damage.
  • Test for the presence of penetrating Penetration Testing, to help companies in the digital currency to identify weaknesses in their systems and to ensure non-penetration of internet hackers.
  • Hacked stolen user accounts, User Account Takeover Prevention, to detect attempts by cyber criminals to gain access to portfolios of digital users.

Services include security, allocation of Kaspersky Lab also benefits Protection Act, which would send alerts when you create counterfeit copies of transactions and subscription of digital currency, the Service Incident Response Training and awareness about cyber-security, in order to improve the overall level of e-Safety, IT businesses fall victim to attacks based on the principles of social engineering.

The Kaspersky Lab additional improvements on the digital currencies that contain the basic measures of cyber security. These improvements include helping to discover the transactions of the Locate needs to be the possibility for money laundering, in addition to identifying attacks automatically and deal with it. Also provided to Kaspersky Lab for trading digital currency which has operations centers internal security, fueled by data threats, next to training and awareness programs in the field of Information Security, directed to enforce the security operations so you can strengthen their capacities in criminal investigation and detection of crimes.

Vitali Moscow, head of control techniques have Kaspersky Lab, said that a lot of users are wary of investment in the economy of the digital currency, saying that it constituted a “gathering” for fraudsters and cybercriminals, despite the presence of a lot of companies working on the development of products based on the allocation, including currency digital subscriptions, and digital, emphasizing that service allocation is not always safe enough to be worth the investment. He added: “We have developed our expertise in this domain, we have implemented many of the security projects IPO and global, and we are seeing a growing demand for solutions to the cyber security of companies allocate emerging, seeking protection from threats to electronic proof of an additional increase of investors with reassurance, and this is what we help them achieve through our new services”.

And Kaspersky Lab to expand its network of partners with companies allocating and digital well-known, which sells services to clients in this area.

For his part, said Alexey Sidorovich, the head of sales and business development of the company “Markelov television” Austrian working in the provision of software and digital currencies: “we see as a provider of software business of digital processing and digital preservation, and that our task is to provide safe products and trustworthy customers they can rely on, which is what we paid to the demand of the Kaspersky Lab security assessment project. We felt satisfied with the results that we got what made us decide to develop relationships with them, so we are pleased to be partners with Kaspersky Lab to offer companies working in this area, comprehensive protection from threats”.

You can get more detailed information about the services that are available universally across the site of Kaspersky Lab on the web.


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