Kaspersky Lab unveils a new solution to protect the terminal points in the systems of companies

Revealed Kaspersky Lab for the next generation of the solution Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business protection terminal points in the systems of the companies.

It features the new ability to control the repeated in the anomalies network, making it detects and intelligently any abnormalities in the network activities or conduct of users, while providing advanced protection from the process of mining digital currencies and the threats facing networks.

The new version of the solution Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business users the unit for management via the web, beside the advantages to help automate the tasks of system administrators, in order to prevent teams technical security greater control over all terminal points within the network infrastructure.

Increasing the difficulty of protection of the terminal points in companies when they reach a certain niche, given the increasing number of cyber threats constantly, and because the infrastructure itself becomes the most difficult of administration, and the Institute of migration in which The becomes wider the free.

And Kaspersky Lab on the design of the new version of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business specifically to assist companies in overcoming these challenges.

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New capabilities provide terminal points

Solution works for Kaspersky Lab new to improve the level of protection from emerging threats, and includes a new feature for Smart repeated in the anomalies Network Adaptive Anomaly Control, which analyzes the behavior of users and remember the patterns of their activity, the so-called Prohibition of actions are natural for a particular user.

This process automatically, so you don’t need security officials to set up rules manually, saves time, and reduces the risk of false alarms.

Experienced experts in the year 2018 an escalation in the attacks of mining digital currencies, which affected more than five million users, and to avoid the exploitation of mining software malicious of computer resources in the company’s devices, the control feature via the web in the new solution include methods dedicated to the detection of mining digital currencies online and ban them.

The solution Kaspersky Lab new additional capacity which allows the Prevention of cyber threats across the web, enable the feature “scan encrypted traffic”, which provides component protection from web threats Web Threat Protection, protection through the identification of threats that try to use encrypted channels to penetrate the system and prevent it.

And wipe these water-encrypted data traffic incoming and outgoing through the HTTPs protocol to intercept malicious activity is possible.

Maintains solution Kaspersky Lab on a comprehensive set of protection technologies, supported by information threats and methods of the Treaty on machine learning techniques, as well as control elements in electronic security, such as control devices and encrypt them, manage the gaps and correct, integration with Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response, in order to protect clients from operational losses and finance.

The capacity of flexible management and greater protection

Availability of Kaspersky Lab’s improved management capabilities in the middle to protect the terminal points in order to provide security teams with the technical tools strong, flexible and convenience that they need in order to control security in all computers, servers and mobile devices used by staff.

It has become a challenge in product management Kaspersky Security Center is available now via the web version, and does not require to install any software or open any of the network ports, and all the officials of the Security Administration of benefits, policies and control security using panel data is transferable via their tablets while working remotely.

Featuring console design new easy-to-use makes the adjustment of the panel data according to the special needs of the user something simple and comfortable.

Becomes the integration of Kaspersky Security Center with third-party systems easier by using the application programming interface standard, and systems, such as platforms, SIEM, and SOAR وEDR – through integration – the data is received from the console, or use them to manage the protection of the terminal points.

Often publish task force technical security functions work routine, it is difficult to focus on strategic goals, long-term, or even important to the least important, and therefore, the solution of Kaspersky Lab allows automation of tasks, such as software upgrades, which require a great deal of manual work.

And automate software updates using the management feature security vulnerabilities, correct Vulnerability and Patch management reduce the risks of network penetration by old programs.

The employment of all the new versions of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business automatically and at all terminal points, and does not require that any action of the administrator except for the approval on the license agreement acceptance, and this would help the companies in maintain update their protection, which is crucial in the fight against new threats.

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