Kaspersky launches video marketing promotion to highlight its own products to companies

Kaspersky launches video marketing promotion to highlight its own products to companies

The company launched the Kaspersky marketing campaign creative video in collaboration with the company “Slava” creative, led by director Alberto Billy. And video clips of the campaign stories, humor and emotional simple about solving the sophisticated and complex needs of the companies, in order to raise awareness of the brand Kaspersky, access to potential customers. The campaign was designed specifically to support the president of your Network Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business.

On this occasion; he said (Peter line) – head of marketing for consumers in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa have Kaspersky: this promotional campaign has been able to show that video marketing that establish to support the organizations institutional knowledge “is not boring necessarily,” explaining that the campaign creative targeted to people everyday who work in the offices of habitual coffee drinkers and they celebrate birthdays of their classmates, but by reminding them of the urgent need for security of the institutional order to ensure “a safe working environment”, and added: “We wanted to develop a campaign that will promote fully the idea that nothing can penetrate it when the company is being protected by Kaspersky, and we have succeeded in solidifying this idea when we created the videos unique and is characterized by its being attractive comic strip”.

For his part, expressed (Sergei pissed) – president of the Innovation Group have “Slava”, which took the design of the bathroom, pleased with the realization of the opportunity to work with Kaspersky, which said it “allowed us to employ the model demonstrates the creative potential of our youth ad”, noting that technology companies large often “don’t send her letters to the public without the numbers and statistics are boring”, and added: “The team had Kaspersky since the beginning, eager to invent something that would surprise people and raises their interest, and that’s why we made sure in the “Slava” on the work in the project, we are happy with the results and director Alberti Billy”.

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