Kaspersky save some of their infrastructure the core of Russia to earn the trust


Renowned company Kaspersky Lab, a company based in Moscow, the programmes and services of anti-virus. In recent years, we have had to resist the assertions that the company had links with intelligence agencies of the Russian. As you can expect, the company kaspersky to deny the allegations several times, but the U.S. government says that its software may have actually helped the KGB to spy on the customers. In an attempt to gain trust amidst all this, the company announced the kaspersky it you are moving some of their infrastructure to outside of Russia.

Despite its repeated assurances that it is not bound by any relevant agent of the SVR, the U.S. government actually banning the use of the company’s products in their institutions. Has the company introduced the Kaspersky to provide the source code of their programmes to independent experts to dispel the idea that they help the Russian government on trade, but to no avail.

Announced the company Kasperky now she’s moving some of their infrastructure essential to the city of Zurich, Switzerland. The company that you will have by a third party in Switzerland is able to conduct audits of technical programmes independently to oversee the whole process.

As the company will Kaspersky also the transfer of its own program building software to Zurich, which is a set of programming tools that you use to compile the programs ready-to-use out of the source code. Will start assembling its products, databases, anti-virus and signed with a digital signature in Switzerland before the end of this year.

You will have the Company data center in Zurich by the end of next year, will use this facility to store and process all of the information to users in North America, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea. It will be followed by more countries later.


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