Kaspersky: services hacking University is available on the internet

Discovered researchers have Kaspersky that cyber criminals benefit from the pressures of exams and summer by providing the services of hacking University and made available on the black market via the internet beside the university degrees, counterfeit and the empowerment of those who want easily find them quick research in the internet.

Not new is reports of network intrusion systems and schools to change grades or improving attendance records or disrupting the conduct of examinations, as well as it pledges to make available certificates and degrees fake college. We have grown over the years, the industry secret busy to facilitate cheating in academic achievements, which included discussion forums and guides to use and videos.

When I decided to researchers at Kaspersky have a closer look at this celebration of education, they found in the search operation a simple one on the internet was conducted on the 12 June last, on the service provider of the pirate class of certificates diploma fake, lets request form is easy to fill out and the customer can choose the subject of specialization and the level of certificate and educational institution issued by it. The researchers found that service providers that provides a long list of school certificates to the branches of specialty of various.

Research experts Kaspersky also in some systems the school information most frequently used and found that a lot of people thought they were just the names of users and passwords for authentication on the entry of students, parents and teachers to the systems, except for having a long track record replete with mistakes technique reported in the systems, what porous in a disconcerting manner by using the authentication data to login.

Said David Jacobs, expert security have Kaspersky, the information systems that support learning and provide other opportunities for new hackers, even the middle-skill group, because the education becomes more digitized and agreed, pointing out that one can find the service of piracy over the internet to do it for him if he didn’t want to implement it himself, he added: “research revealed that we had about the existence of a seller in the black market, say, for a fee, with the willing testimonials of their choice. The cause of this cheat frustrating the majority of young people who are studying hard to prepare for exams, schools and colleges to which they belong, and this regardless of the fact that retention in education a criminal offense. Although the teachers were not specialists in the field of security, and may not know or remember what to do, there are some steps simple educational that can be employers in academic institutions that are keen on the safety of educational achievements followed to remain safe”.

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Recommends Kaspersky by following the following measures in order to protect the systems and the control of fraud attempts tutorial:

  • If she is testimony of what is suspicious, it should be the transformation of the institution that has issued, where they keep a record drawing of all the graduates.
  • Provide a form of authentication to access information systems, particularly those existing on the web, and specifically to access the records of students and their study and assessments. And educational institution, put the elements of robust control and the way to tune in to the systems, it is difficult for intruders to move in the system.
  • Conduct training for security awareness for employees, and how to choose passwords and use it in a safe manner.
  • Should be Campus common on the network two wireless two separate more, one for staff and one for students, and perhaps a third for the visitors if they don’t have.
  • The lack of attraction to put everything online or on the portal, unless not of need.
  • To provide a vehicle of a special court of the passwords for staff, ensure their enforcement, encourage everyone to maintain the confidentiality of credentials, to enter at all times.
  • Use a reliable security solution for comprehensive protection of a wide range of threats, such as Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business.

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