Kaspersky tool gives an alert to protect users from “software stalking” on their phones

Conducted Kaspersky upgrade to Kaspersky Internet Security for Android add alert for protection from violation of privacy, a new feature that warns users if their personal information monitored through the spy software available commercially.

Although this type of software is legal, the existence of code is often undesirable from the user’s target without his knowledge. And the download page for that software, in some cases, for the purpose specified which is used to secretly spy on the user, prompted Kaspersky Lab to provide a special tool to point to the existence of such a software, what can be affected to determine what they want to do about it.

And software business business applications running in the background of the mobile phone which be installed on it, which can be used to monitor activity of the device and its. Usually used to spy on partners or ex-partners, and there is what prevents people from using this software to target specific individuals for malicious purposes. This is often done without the knowledge of the victim, what leads to a reference to these types of software generally known as software stalking Stalkerware. This software multiple functions called in the mostly person who has been on a victim access to information about the device, SMS messages, photos, and updates social media data, geolocation, and in some cases, transfer of recordings, real time images the camera.

And requires the installation of a software stalking on someone else’s computer, possession of the device itself, but the process quickly by downloading the application on the phone of site distribution on the web. And was able software Kaspersky in the year 2018 to detect the presence of software stalking on 58,487 device, proof of the seriousness of this threat. Has been detected on the programming of the chase andcriticized publicly several times, although it is difficult to imagine the possibility of the prevalence of such invasion of flagrant privacy except for that be originally available in handy, however, still put her committed in most countries.

Developed Kaspersky an alert to draw the attention of users security protection solution Kaspersky Internet Security for Android system to the presence of this software on their device.

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Also look to the researchers in Kaspersky Lab to the broader landscape of such software, suddenly the report to the competent entitled Beware of stalkerware (beware the software stalking) joint analysis for trading software commercially available, including apps to control consumers the most common. The research shows that this software, besides a massive invasion of privacy, generally lack measures to protect sensitive data that is stolen. For example, it was found that five out of 10 software chase modification either witnessed the breakthrough of the data or it was porous, so that the analysts discovered product company one of these software stores data files of the victim on a server tail a critical security vulnerability, leaving these stored data are subject to.

The study, conducted by researchers at Kaspersky Lab also on the scope of the so-called “software industry in the pursuit”. Researchers have found that even software which have been stopped or at least claim to do so, marketed via social media channels and the official of your company’s products, and allows buyers to get them according to business models-like franchising.

Kaspersky Lab, years ago, the marking of applications that are not classified as malware but it is likely to involve damage, including ad software and the so-called “spy software legal”, so that it has a reputation of “not a virus”. However, given the growing problem of the abuse of privacy, I have decided the company Global competent cyber security re-assessment by communicating information concerning certain kinds of threats to the customers.

He stressed Alexey Virchow security researcher has Kaspersky Lab, the company’s keenness to follow up on the efforts of some media institutions and non-governmental organizations, such as “the Electronic Frontier” Electronic Frontier Foundation, an international non-profit the meaning of the digital rights, to strengthen the privacy and security of vulnerable population in all parts of the world, and eliminating the threat posed by software of the Chase, said: “We were inspired by the activities of these agencies so we we decided to review the way they handle our products with this software. As a result, we now keep tabs on the spy software business with alert specific warn users of the risks involved, as we believe that users have a right to know whether such software installed on their devices, it will help them to alert us of the new to do so and assess risks in a proper manner”.

Can download solution Kaspersky Internet Security for Android within the alert Privacy new from the store Google Play.

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