“Kaspersky’s laboratory”: the hacking of exchanges collapses quotes cryptocurrency

Director of development platform the industrial Internet, “Kaspersky Lab” Andrei Suvorov believes that attacks on stock exchanges have a major impact on the prices of coins. It is also much more than it seems. His words leads TASS.

How to protect your money from hackers

According to the analyst, the activities of hackers affect the decision of users to invest in digital money, and the existing traders to sell their coins.

Attacks on stock exchanges have somewhat affected interest. Falling demand and falling prices associated, including, with cybercasinos.

Suvorov added that the number and sophistication of attacks will continue to grow with the market. This means that trading platforms need to throw all forces on protection of users ‘ funds now.

Specific programs are always written by people, and we understand that in these developments, to a greater or lesser extent attention is paid to the direction of cybercasinos. It’s not just about the stages, when a system create, but also about the stages, when the system must be constantly monitored for vulnerabilities.

Members of the crypto community have long criticized the management of the exchanges for lack of attention to security issues. However, the situation has not changed, and investors can rely only on themselves. Here we are told how to protect their money from theft. Be sure to read the recommendations.

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