Key features of the phone OnePlus 6T and launch date!

Company OnePlus the Chinese to reveal their new phone OnePlus 6T on October 17 the next, and everyone expects to see with this version phone premium class high-end.

Where the company remove the headphone jack of a traditional, the accreditation of the new design sheet, and it has been confirmed fingerprint sensor built-in screen in the image of propaganda poster for an event the announcement of the phone, in addition to relying on the rear camera double definitely.

But despite the leaks and the news that spread recently about the phone OnePlus 6T that wasn’t the name confirmed officially until this week, where appeared the image leaked for the phone placed the name of OnePlus 6T, you have seen the phone appear on the Amazon site so that consumers who register their interest on the phone, and finally came to television advertising to emphasize the name of the phone.

As indicated by the latest trends to the advent of the phone processor Snapdragon 845 that we have seen in phone and 6 Plus and most of the flagship phones for 2018, it is expected not to vary a distance OnePlus 6T storage for the OnePlus 6, this means that we will see him with the Ram of 8 GB RAM, and internal storage options of 128 or 256 GB, as it may need the same battery capacity of 3300 mAh or comes with a bigger battery up to 4000 mAh.

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