Key features of the series Galaxy S10

Samsung unveiled a little while ago about the series Galaxy S10 strongly associated of the Republic of Korea, according to the declaration, was that the most prominent features of the phones:

A new design and a brilliant display

After the revolution, on the same principle of design since Galaxy S8, came a series Galaxy S10 with a new design depends on the screen’s perforated, to define the screen ratio is the highest of the valley in comparison with the previous Samsung, How come the tires of steel instead of aluminum, what gives it the beauty of hardness and the user can feel classy when in use.

Know Screen Super for of Samsung as the best in the world of smartphones, comes the Galaxy S10 +and S10 of the first screen support display the content of the report +HDR10, however, support the display of content is strictly 2K expected to be the best in displaying colors.

Still port headset 3.5 mm is present in the series Galaxy S10, and prevents it from phones support resistant to dust and water IP68.

Powerful performance with better battery life

With the Snapdragon 855 or Exynos 9820, series Galaxy S10 is the first of Samsung’s processor uses the technology of 7 nm, this means that under raising the performance capabilities up to 40% compared with S9, the processor rationalization of energy consumption up to 35%.

Beside the improvement of the energy consumption which will be reflected in longer battery life, the models are available in Galaxy S10 memory random up to 12 gigabytes of address space, so expect that apps work smoothly at all on phones.

Intelligent cameras

Accept behind the Galaxy S10 +S10 camera three: the first is the main camera, the air-conditioned shopping in the night, the second adds the possibility of rounding up twice without any loss of image quality and lens wide the ability to shoot the entire scene you see the human eye, i.e. at an angle of vision 123 degrees.

For features smartphone, according to Samsung improved software and artificial intelligence to spy on the scene to adjust the filter settings change automatically according to what the camera sees and series Galaxy S10 tips during filming, such as tilting the device and move on to the design of the corner is clear. This in the presence of conventional techniques such as imaging the ventricles and video recording in 4K.

Fingerprint reader with new

I waited for the Samsung long to bring the reader the compact footprint thanks to its phones, which is in accordance with the Koreas first fingerprint reader adopts the technique of “ultrasound” that allows the creation of three-dimensional images of fingerprints of the user, what makes it enjoy the fast and higher accuracy than existing phones, and competitors, as well as suitable for different conditions, such as different environments in terms of weather or the availability of light, and even if the case between the user’s fingerprint and liquid or oily substance.

Best deal of Samsung

Features galaxy S10e being the best deal of Samsung in the category of flagship phones; the price start from 750$ (2813 sr) without compromises too much, as it maintains most of the techniques S10 +S10 attractions including the Wizards leading by 7 nm, the attractive design screen super for Magnificent, which, incidentally, comes design flat, and the measurement of 5.8-inch and accuracy of + / FHD, but it lacks the second camera and reader compact footprint network that it replaces reader fingerprint side, and other than that, differences are not great.

Wireless charging reverse and other techniques

Supports phones Samsung wireless charging feature reverse made by the dead 20 Pro to the market; this water can charge devices that support wireless charging by a battery model Galaxy S10, including headset Galaxy been new.

It is planned to offer the Samsung phones speed Wi-Fi connection and has consistent congestion on most of the phones in the house politicians, and supporting the phones Wi-Fi technology 6 associated with the launched soon which supports the “theoretically” move up to the 11 it by the second, as it will be available version Galaxy S10 especially with the support networks of the fifth generation, which we have seen in his model initial can download video 1 gigabytes of address space through in just 19 seconds.

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