Keyboard butterfly new in Calculator 2019 MacBook Pro includes a new membrane

Surprised Apple TV Friday to announce the new generation of devices MacBook Pro for the 2019 earlier last week, which included Intel updated, as well as the second generation of the keyboard butterfly improved.

Recently the experts at iFixit to get a new machine and dismantle it and uncover the components of the new keyboard you equipped to know what has changed.

I know of

First, covers Silicon different in shape. Made Apple TV a membrane in the keyboard in 2018 to reduce noise while writing, but most of the people they suspect of having it to protect the keyboard itself from challenge.

While the membrane 2018 semi-transparent, except that the issuance of the 2019 transparent and smooth to touch. Under infrared analysis, I decided to iFixit that covers the membrane of the new keyboard are made from a material polymer nylon.

لوحة مفاتيح butterfly الجديدة في حاسب 2019 MacBook Pro

Secondly, the change of the outer surface of a keyboard for the past year. Available iFixit that Apple may use thermal treatment revised, or the use of alloys, or maybe both.

Though there are no noticeable changes again with the advent of the internal parts similar almost computer 2018 MacBook Pro.

Interesting to get a close-up image of the Office of the new keyboard, but time alone will determine whether Apple has managed to fix the keyboard butterfly.

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