Keyboard devices the new Mac Pro is designed specially to resist dust

لوحة مفاتيح أجهزة ماك برو الجديدة مصممة خصيصاً لمقاومة الغبار

Apple unveiled the days ago about devices MacBook which one of them was the MacBook Pro design different techniques for the first time in the company’s devices, especially the keyboard entirely new to solve the problems that were suffered by users previously. According to police documents, the keyboard in the Mac Pro is specially designed to protect from dust.

The work keyboard Mac on the mechanism of a Butterfly which connects all of the buttons closely, what it lead to problems which affect the operations of the input because of the dust and dust to the bottom of the buttons. But the company has developed the protection of rubber bottom the studs prevent the entry of any dust to the office, which will turn on the continued operation of the keyboard in an easy way without problems.

The police haven’t commented on the advantages of the new keyboard that I talked about the detection of the device, but with this information the new features it became clear to everyone.

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