Keyboard Gboard now allows communicating via Morse code

لوحة مفاتيح Gboard تُتيح الآن التواصل عبر شفرة مورس

Announced Google today that it will continue to Morse code as a way of introduction to the panel by the rich for the definition of Gboard by operating system iOS, and in the beginning was to integrate this code in the trial version of the Android system before months from now, the company noted that besides the appearance of this feature for the first time on iOS, there are many improvements to the experience of writing in Android also.

In relation to the definition Morse code is a code letter for sending information to the Telegraph, using the available record of the elements of long and short term for letters, numbers and tags and special characters found in the message, and the elements of the long and short of the possible that are configured by voice or signs, or open and close the keyboard and they are famous as the score signs and slashes.

Generally in regards to this extension when activated, it will die a Morse code keyboard area codes bitmap and police are great, and during clicking on the icons will appear with Word suggestions above the keyboard on the screen exactly as they appear when you use the version of QWERTY, has finally created a Google platform can be used on the web and the phone by the user will be able to learn Morse code in less than an hour as described by Google.

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