Keyboard SwiftKey add Microsoft Translate on Android

لوحة مفاتيح SwiftKey تضيف ترجمة مايكروسوفت على أندرويد

Think keyboard SwiftKey app months in this area on the smart phones of great features to help the user to obtain the characteristics an additional with ease, which will continue with the last update to comment on Android operating system.

Where the guarantee company is the developer for the translation service of Microsoft to the keyboard, allowing the user to get the instant translation of words is easy-with more than 60 different language from the languages of the world. The new addition to provide the option to translate sentences or words in the conversations in real time, which makes the possibility of understanding the speakers of other languages without copying word for translation to understand it.

It’s liken to a large extent with the property of translation provided by Twitter on its network from Microsoft, but on SwiftKey it would be more comprehensive.

To get the new addition you can update or download the app from here.

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