Khalifa Galaxy Fold similar to the Galaxy S11 where the cameras

Confirmed report issued by the agency Bloomberg that the company Samsung will be the biggest overhaul for the cameras on smart phones, leading in 2020, including a camera, the successor sensor is essential to accurately 108 megapixel sensor telephoto to enlarge a visual ability of 5-fold within the device its upcoming flagship Galaxy S11 and the successor of the device by folding the Samsung Galaxy Fuld Galaxy Fold, based on information from people familiar with the plans of Samsung.

The report also states that the Galaxy S11 will have four cameras in the background, including the sensor, a very wide angle sensor ToF to discover the depth, just like the sensor in the +Galaxy Note 10, which helps in the development of personal Images, Portrait, and applications of augmented reality, as the handset is capable of recording video accurately 8K, which constitutes a qualitative leap for the camera device.

And Bloomberg reported that a Samsung phone next folding, which is expected to come in the clamshell, which will contain sensor camera with a 108 megapixel lens close with the optical zoom capacity 5-fold, and is expected to be unveiled officially next phones Galaxy S11 in the month of February next year.

The report states that the unit optical zoom capacity 5 times this has been developed by Samsung Electron-Mechanics, and started its production earlier this year, competing this unit, a similar technique has emerged in the organs of the Chinese competitors, like Huawei up, who did they license technology optical zoom of Corephotonics Ltd., an Israeli company was acquired by Samsung in early 2019.

Include a range of new features to Samsung’s commitment to renewable cameras mobile devices after years of minimal innovation, as well as trying to catch up with Apple in the field of the camera, and with the approaching 2020, becoming cameras and lenses multiple are the norm in smart phones, the Samsung will benefit from the possession of the sport in this developing area.

Got Samsung on precedence in smart phones folding, and after the good feedback on your Galaxy Fuld Galaxy Fold of the original, the company is now looking to build its dominance in this sector.

Recall that the giant South Korean plans to ship up to 6 million smartphone folding in the next year, it may be the successor the Galaxy Fuld Galaxy Fold law is the first foldable phone is sold heavily in various markets, where it is expected to cost about $ 850.

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