Khalifa iPhone X may be released this year at a price higher than 1000$


After Apple released it last year, the phone has become the iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone was launched till now due to it costs starting from$ 1,000 to note that the women which includes 256GB of internal memory of this phone cost$ 1149 per. There have been some reports that indicate that the successor iPhone X that will be released this year will come at a cheaper price, but it seems that this will not be the case.

There are reports that the iPhone X is not sold as it should, and the high price is one of the reasons behind it. This has led to speculation that he could lead Apple to reduce the price to help stimulate sales this year, but according to analysts Steven Milunovich and Benjamin Wilson Foundation UBS, they suggest otherwise.

Based on the following data within and also to some ex-Apple employees, he said those analysts and investors : ” once you have Apple creating a price range New, they retain their habit, consistent with what we heard from the staff of the Apple ex “. This means that Apple may not retain the price only, but there is a chance to increase it to help offset the sales ” modest ” phone iPhone X current.

If we borrowed that analysts are right, it means that we may have to buy Khalifa iPhone X which will be released later this year at a price initially reach 1100$. Of course this is just speculation and may not necessarily materialize, so please handle with all that has been said so far with the least amount of protection.


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