Khalifa iPhone X will be the style cheapest, while it will be style larger is the most expensive

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Senior Analyst at Foundation Digitimes Research is specialized in market research, Mr. Luke Lin has to keep an eye on the supply chain that deal with Apple in the past period, it is considered that he has plans for Apple for the next generation of iPhones. According to the analyst Luke Lin, he has to submit his report by screen size and type, but the amount of memory also play a role.

According to the analyst Luke Lin, he says that Khalifa phone iPhone X will continue to use the OLED screen The size of 5.85 inches. However, will be Apple able to reduce the manufacturing cost of this phone by about 10 percent compared with the iPhone X The current cost Apple about 412$ for each unit with the knowledge that the OLED screen is the most expensive place in this phone.

That is why Apple is developing an iPhone other features LCD screen size 5.85 inch, but paused in the Lunar New Year holiday has been abandoned completely. It seems that Apple has managed to convince the partners to lower prices enough to continue using OLED screens, although it had reduced the amount of their applications from Samsung Display, which made its negotiating position difficult.

Not talked about the successor iPhone X, the analyst Luke Lin believes that this phone will be the cheapest in the lineup of Apple TV this year along with the iPhone the other the reverb that comes with LCD screen size of 6.1 inch. This is based on the largest amount of RAM used in the prototypes of the iPhone with the LCD screen compared with the amount of RAM used in the successor of the iPhone X with screen OLED.

As for the iPhone the most expensive in the lineup of phones Apple TV coming later this year, will be the second phone which will also be larger given that it will have OLED screen size of 6.45 inches. Unfortunately, he didn’t say analyst Luke Lin anything about cracks in the top middle section of the screen of this smart phone of the three. It is supposed to use Apple in the use of Camera Systems different to distinguish the model of the iPhone regardless of screen memory, but the subtle difference is still a question mark at the moment.


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