Khalifa phone iPhone XR will come with two new in the second half of this year

iPhone XR

One of the main features of the phone iPhone the XR is coming a wide selection of different bright colors, and now it is reported that Apple is working on improving that with its successor which is supposed to arrive in the second half of this year. According to the report released today, it appears that Khalifa iPhone XR will get two new colors will replace the two current colors.

According to a reliable source, it appears that Khalifa iPhone XR and is currently in the name of the iPhone XR 2019 will receive a two-color green and purple where the two colors, coral and blue. It is interesting to find a picture of computer which appeared in last week to show us Khalifa iPhone XR in blue, yellow, white and red.

It’s great to see Apple go out of style black and white boring even if it was for the phone the cheapest in the lineup. We will see whether the green and purple of the new will more customers buy Khalifa iPhone XR when he arrives in the latter part of this year.


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