Khan Academy educational launches its application educational for children

أكاديمية خان التعليمية تُطلق تطبيقها التعليمي المخصص للأطفال

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization to provide free education to the global level for any one and at any place, it is a way to help students develop skills and processes to succeed in school and beyond, it is known that the organization is not applying its own on Android and iOS and specifically for the students of schools and universities.

Today announced the region for the provision of their version of their application for kids Khan Academy Kids on Android only, as is the case with the main application, this version includes a free tutorial with thousands of activities, books that will be a source of inspiration of learning and discovery for young children.

The product includes reading, language, writing, mathematics, social development, and problem solving skills development, and activities and games such as drawing and coloring that encourage creativity and self-expression, and even guide the children through the learning experience and keep their participation in their educational journey.

It also includes the application of Khan Academy Kids interactive activities for young children custom for pre-school kindergartens that are in line with the framework of the learning outcomes early and common core, and finally as we have previously reported the application of Khan Academy Kids currently only available on the Android platform, there is no doubt it will be supplied later on the other system iOS but without specifying a timetable for that.

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