Killed by Google: location of monitored services and applications that require by Google

Use Google to kill the service for the links shortcut in a few days, and announced that it will be the social network google +and email application Inbox on 2 April next, and to join the list is long of services and applications that the Google to kill her.

If you rely too much on Google services, has launched a developer Cody created the position of “Killed By Google” to teach you by Google Digital.

Is made site, applications, services and devices Google that killed her, which amounted to total of 129 service 11 application and 12 device during the life of the company amounting to 21 years.

Browse the list may make you feel nostalgically to the past, where you will find Network Art series phones Nexus Reader, Google attached on the end of them, as mentioned in the site services and locations to be provided by Google in the future if they had issued a formal declaration of it.

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