King faces a fine of nearly 400 million euros from the agency of taxation in Sweden


King is the company to develop smartphone games, and which knows its users well through games similar to Candy Crush, the super-fame and success, and is owned by a group Activision Blizzard business.

The company is facing a hefty fine in Sweden up to 389 million euros by Skatteverket to collect taxes in Sweden, and according to Skatteverket, the Swedish lose because the games have been developed in Sweden like Candy Crush Saga, which is developed by company Midasplayer, it has been sold for the benefit of the group action Blizzard, which acquired the rights to these titles.

Roberth Glansberg from Skatteverket match the active Blizzard pay half the market value of this brand because the rights have been transferred to the outside of Sweden, and had told Charley Tesch from the King that he does not agree with these demands, however, the company will work with officials to reach a solution.

King got to wait until the end of February to pay this amount.

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