Kings of the desert – going fleet of the best strategy games in the region !

Would you like to enter a world of past history through your smartphone? And to live the role of one of the kings who seek to build their kingdom? Today, with the game kings of the desert you’ll get all that, and in an Arabian setting and the advantages of the Arabic language and Arabic, with many challenges, you can live it, today we’ll give you them !

ملوك الصحراء – إستمرار الاسطورة من أفضل الألعاب الاستراتجية في المنطقة !

Kings of the desert – going fleet of the best strategy games in the region !

Since the launch of the Empire of race 1, to represent the first game, is a strategic alliance of the roots of Arab history in the port area, and the follow-up and discover a lot of the players on the wide format.

In the current year, 2018 PM company produced iLead Mobile Game (Empire of Arabia 2 – The Kings of the desert) support for the iPhone and iPad, continues to support the pace of the classic and legendary !

With the system and the elements of the game and in the very spirit and beauty, so dashing classic style SLG, filled with ideas to play the new strategy, patterns of leisure and entertainment rent, the mode of PVE gameplay unique, and the excitement we with special skills, the adoption of graphics 3D.

ملوك الصحراء - إستمرار الاسطورة من أفضل الألعاب الاستراتجية في المنطقة !

Kings of the desert – going fleet of the best strategy games in the region !

Kings of the desert, the headliner.

Each hero has abilities unique, and these capabilities the benefits of a positive for the city or the Institute, and in the case of battles between players, you can capture the opponent heroes, and then sentence of death or release, and you need to train Marines, the pattern to get the cards, gives players a general education comfortably.

ملوك الصحراء - إستمرار الاسطورة من أفضل الألعاب الاستراتجية في المنطقة !

Kings of the desert – going fleet of the best strategy games in the region !Kings of the desert – going fleet of the best strategy games in the region !

The formation of soldiers, to attack and occupy the cities

The heroes of the classic and legendary, and training strategies, a lot of jobs, ideas and play, and get out of battles, defend cities, and economic development, unite the legions and armies, and epic battles.

ملوك الصحراء - إستمرار الاسطورة من أفضل الألعاب الاستراتجية في المنطقة !

Kings of the desert – going fleet of the best strategy games in the region !

Build the Empire of your

Upgrade all buildings of the fleet, upgrade heroes, the development of Science, train armies, build defenses, search for treasures, to make your empire more quickly.

Free translation, a development into four types of soldiers

Divided soldiers to knights and archers and attack, and depends on the characteristics and points of strength are obvious, once you get a report of the survey, and make sure that the Strategy, at the same time choose the hero with the right skills, and check in time you can achieve victory beyond the border.

ملوك الصحراء - إستمرار الاسطورة من أفضل الألعاب الاستراتجية في المنطقة !

Kings of the desert – going fleet of the best strategy games in the region !

Interview magical beast, kill the beast to get to the treasure

That mysterious monster, which in the world map, it’s load of treasures and precious materials is what makes people compete, who will win that precious materials be? Will it be you? Let’s look forward to that very much.

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Works on iPhone, iPod-Touch, iPad, and Android devices .

Operating system compatible: iOS 9.0 or newer, and Android 4.0 or newer .

Suitable: for everyone .

Size devices Apple: 306.4 MB .

Size Android devices: by device

Download a copy of the iPhone :

Developer : feng chang

Price : free

  Click here to download

Download the Android version :

Developer : iLead Mobile Games

Price : free

  Click here to download

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