Kirin 980 loses to the iPhone XS test performance

Start of an era processors Android core 7 nm with dead 20 dead 20 Pro when they launch in two weeks, as is the Wizard A12 Bionic iPhone XS/ XS maxi, featuring these processors provide more performance using less energy.

Back test alleged to see Kirin 980 which takes advantage of the architecture 7 nm in dead 20 on the platform of Geekbench, the results came mirabilis 3390 points in processing single-core و10318 in the treatment of multiple cores.

This appears to miss the Kirin 980 processor Exynos 9810 user in Note 9 processor Snapdragon 845 in the OnePlus 6, but losing to the processor for iPhone XS XS Max; the choice of the phones on the same platform.

Recall that the iPhone XS made 4795 point in processing single-core و11170 in multi-core any better between 10%-30%, despite the allegations of Huawei in the superiority of her therapist Kirin 980 on the A12.

Of course, the performance test won’t make sure of its accuracy completely but after the launch of the dead 20 headquarters on 16 October; the fact that his copy dead 20 not fired may mean that they are not equipped for the best performance, in any case, the performance tests do not reflect the efficiency of the Daily regular phones but give us a Just idea of the maximum performance of the phones.


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