Kngine.. Egyptian company which was acquired by Samsung

The company announced the Samsung on the sixth of March, they acquired a small company Kngine that the development of special projects artificial intelligence, in order to help the South Korean company on the development of the assistant artificial intelligence Bixby that comes in the phones Galaxy from Samsung exclusively.

The acquisition by Samsung Next pop-up Samsung, which bought a proportion of one hundred with money of the company Kngine small.

A big victory for the Egyptian small

This deal is considered a victory for the Egyptian small in general and victory for all those working in the field of technology also, where twice the company that belong to Samsung now a lot of stages, including financing even moving from Egypt to United States of America.

Company Kngine was established 2009 in Egypt by the brothers Heath Ramadan, Ashraf Ramadan, according to the official website of the company. And the quality of their projects in the field of artificial intelligence, IT projects, help answer questions and taking some actions that could seem to make customer service automatic last number of the other applications of intelligence artificial.

During the past years the heath with a number of research in the field of artificial intelligence, having taught himself computer science, as Ashraf has studied programming and can in a number of other companies.

Details of the acquisition deal

The company was able small access to $ 775 thousand dollars, so after the support company Sawari Ventures, which is headquartered in Cairo. Although we didn’t know the picture just now but it was in October 2017 without revealing details.

The acquisition comes after the acquisition of the company Jointly through the company Vodafone Ventures, while Sawari Ventures funds do not know of that specifically deal Kngine new. And Samsung these acquisitions and in the development of Bixby, the assistant artificial intelligence, and smart that you want to by the appropriate assistant Google Google Assistant.

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