Know and chat application Flochat which was launched in the United Arab Emirates

In the free chat apps there are areas of diverse and very strong options in front of users is no longer a few, while the key for more services wicker those that offer innovations and features of the new and different.

Chat application Flochat is one of the modern names developed by Yagerbomb Media Pvt. Ltd taken from the India-based then it became not recently based also in the United Arab Emirates.

Application addressed to all users around the world but focuses now more on India and the United Arab Emirates, the first is important to reach more than one million people and the second is a major gateway to the markets of the Arabian Gulf and the Middle East and North Africa.

In this article, we will explore this application and its possibilities wonderful that makes it one of the best options at the current time, the causes of which pay any user to work on downloading it and try it.


  • General information for the chat application Flochat

Is one of the applications to communicate between users, which is free and available for both Android devices and iPhone and iPad.

It was launched first time in October 2017, and then scooped up 10,000 users at least with the continuation of the accession of users to.

The app comes size exceeds 212 MB in works on iPhone and iPad running iOS 9.3 what the latest.

When it comes to the size of 69 MB for Android devices and is compatible with computers and Android phones 4.0.3 what the latest, knowing that he downloaded more than 100 thousand times from Google Play.

I don’t know the app no ads is what makes it quite similar to the development of a giant in the market like WhatsApp which does not display ads, but the company can developer of to profit from the business deals that are done to them which we’ll have later.

Has App site the scope of an Indian and other of-site with AED, which gets updates and improvements constantly.


  • Nurses essential to develop a chat Flochat

This app is more than just the application of traditional chat and communicate with friends and family with the possibility of its use also in the business sector.

It’s a platform for a social integrated comes some nurses from social networks, including owning a personal page have to show him your picture and some information and status updates.

Overall, enjoy this app design is easy to use and you can understand its functionality and explore its advantages at first glance it looks like a fairly suitable applications but at the level of the color coordination of buttons and options there is a great segment and you as it comes with a white background and the buttons are black, with a distinctive colors in the different screens such as Azure.

The company says the developer that they worked to make it easy to use and convenient to read the messages, conversations, and stay for longer in communication with family and friends.

Besides text chat and instant messaging words and phrases and text, the app provides exchange links with preview before opening them, in addition to sharing photos and videos of high quality, and don’t forget that it provides you to record voice messages and send them.

Chat application Flochat also gives you make voice calls directly to the Office of information visible in real time, a feature working application in the United Arab Emirates where it was blocking the water in the apps as well as WhatsApp which is not subject to regulatory laws.

You can set your profile picture in a register in the service using your phone number and set a special name for you or show your real name.

It also provides you to modify the development and identification of persons who want to stop alerts about any New of them, and muting them for others less important to you.

The app lets you also create chat groups, add contacts by adding their phone numbers, and the application can import the phone numbers from the record of the contacts on your phone in the case I gave him the validity of it.

Chat application Flochat also lets users share stickers and emoticons to the side of the moving images easily.


  • Security and privacy in the chat application Flochat


Speaking of security and privacy in the chat application Flochat the company’s developer attention to this aspect in its service.

First, the app does not require you email address and a lot of powers and information to collect data on users and uses ads to the service that it provides to the users.

And automatically encrypt all kinds of talks, including bilateral and collective written, audio, video and encryption of sharing files such as documents, photos, videos, and other patterns from data, and to encrypt conversations chat groups.

In addition, it supports Messaging feature speed, it is the quality of the messages vary from device users and destruction in the company’s servers after a period of time determined by the user.

It can also modify any messages sent or even withdrawn in case the user decides to change his mind and the client about the dog that was said or that Russell contact person of the error.


  • Personal assistant Floda

Aid personal began to find its way to chat applications and social media, an important service that will help users in making decisions and finding information and facilitate their participation.

Chat application Flochat with the personal assistant Floda, which allows users to answer any questions it depends on the search engine Bing of Microsoft, as is the case for the assistant Amazon.

Provides you with a personal assistant to find the videos and share them as well as the weather conditions and information about the characters, artists, countries, cities, hotels, and various establishments, companies, sports teams and share them easily.

He also remembers dates, and can learn automatically of your conversations to remind you texted someone you have promised to do so, or help you during the conversation, the proposal of the answers you need will be downloaded without the need to write it down.

The company said that 15 percent of users interact with Floda via the request for information, make bookings and organize activities.


  • Additional advantages in application to chat Flochat

Offers chat application merits more than just a conversation and communicate, including the use of it as a service Virtual you to make bookings for restaurants, ordering food or getting a taxi or booking a hotel there are more nurses and services that will support their application.

Currently the application supports service Zomato to ask for food, and the location of the Groupon for Deals and order a taxi from a company the cream or aweber, this is to help users to conduct business transactions daily without having to use applications such services or access to Web sites and wasting time in complicated procedures.

It also provides you get the content from the Bing search engine as well as the YouTube platform and share them with friends, means that it also plays the role of the browser and Explorer content.


  • Download chat application Flochat

You can download chat application Flochat free and start using it without any fees or material costs for the use of it.

The app works in the United Arab Emirates where the company developer of the office there, and you can download it from Google Play for Android devices from here.

You can also download it from the App Store for iPhone and iPad from here


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