Know on phone Huawei Honor 10 wonderful

The recent detection of the latest versions of mobile smart phones from Huawei “Huawei Honor-10″. Based on the company’s Chinese quick deployment to the logo describes the machine to be supportive for the phone propaganda, which is how we excelled in the making of artificial beauty. The phone is designed to break the competition fierce between the mobile now smart, high-quality in manufacture and design of the camera.

The experience of the “Honor 10″ people’s Republic of China last month, although ascendancy of the iPhone devices and the iOS in the smartphone market however, this device has become popular a tremendous and showed the condition of user satisfaction wasn’t available that much. Which prompted the Chinese company Huawei for this phone these days to the rest of the world markets increased by 26 States the current month.

تعرف على هاتف هواوي Honor 10 الرائع

Properties answer for Huawei Honor 10

Huawei integrates a number of nurses to impress users in the phone its wonderful for huawei P20 which was announced in the month of March last. And Artificial Intelligence Technology in imaging on top of these features, where they were formally adopted under the name of ai2.0. The technique of ai2.0 has been developed on the back camera which took the form of two cameras, one is that tend lens Smart Phone Camera Add to the camera device original.

Design mobile Huawei Honor 10

The machine body of the ceramic of the Processor. Its colors are variable they intervene to ripple color a magician with the change of lighting, such as the design of HuaweiP20. Which prompted Huawei to exploit the front face of the device optimally to become the camera Aperture (notch) in the upper part to the middle of the screen and the control button in the corresponding bottom of the device screen. The device possesses the sensor footprint and has a thickness of seven and a half millimeters and weighs 150 grams approx.

Sought the answer to for Huawei Honor 10 The ability of the Processor

Was the version of the device processor “Kirin-970”, which is designed by Huawei itself to a technique of artificial intelligence that characterize the device. As it comes memory random capacity of 4 GB and a memory permanent with a capacity of two different first 64 Giga bytes and the third 128 GB and does not have the advantage of increased memory card storage to external.

تعرف على هاتف هواوي Honor 10 الرائع

Camera phone Huawei Honor 10

From the back, the device has two cameras, first accurately 16 mega pixel camera and the second strictly 24 mega pixels which work together to more than 500 style. At the rate he explained that the rotation between the camera device and hind make the the epicenter of smart imaging occurring element photo shop in addition to save the people Frequent photographing capture and storage them for later professionally accomplished.

The front camera is of very high accuracy, where the accuracy of the 24 mega-pixel camera and supports the properties of artificial intelligence also to face and refine the contours of the face, not to mention the effects of compact wonderful.

The price of your Huawei Honor 10

Price ranges between us $ 540 of the device with a capacity of 64 GB so $ 640 for the device with a capacity of 128 GB.

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