Know on tablet Samsung Galaxy Galaxy Tab S5e.. the thinnest and lightest!

Samsung unveiled a Samsung tablet (tablet) new, Samsung Galaxy Tab Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e, the thinnest and lightest among similar products in the world!

Versions Galaxy Tab Galaxy Tab S5e new value of the screen of 10.5 inches, made of a metal structure with a thickness of 5.5 millimeters, and weighs only 400 grams.

The tablet Samsung’s new a perfect choice to watch videos and movies and enjoy video games, thanks to its screen of the type “more” AMOLED display with a 16:10, and not lose any space for the button to return to the Home screen Home.

But the water is hot in the tablet Samsung the new is the age of its battery, which operated for 14.5 hours at once charging per hour, it’s also the first Samsung products that support plugin new smart “new Baker.” New Bixby, a developer version of “Baker.” Bixby, which will enable the control smoothly and efficiency in all smart devices in the house to talk.

In terms of audio, the device is equipped with the new tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab Galaxy Tab S5e, the speakers and the quad-enabled stereo automatic rotor, which means that the size of the pictures depending on the position of the carrying device tablet.

Users can choose from a variety of colors, including Silver, Black and gold, is scheduled to be thrown the device at a price of $ 399 (7 thousand Egyptian pounds approximately), and will be open pre-booking for the device starting from the month of March next.

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