Know the advantages of Ramadan new in Google



With the advent of the holy month of Ramadan, the company announced Google for a range of new features geared to this holy month. It is these advantages show information particular to the network within the search results when using certain keywords, as well as revealed a product that combines virtual reality and the art of the line.

Starting from May 16, which will enable users of Google all over the world access to information Ramadan, such as prayer timings of local tips and healthy recipes and Ramadan popular on YouTube and my app qibla direction and pen

As revealed on the “registry” which is a Web application that includes 35 work of art three-dimensional users can share with friends and family in the form of letters greeting. Collaborated with Google to accomplish this work with nine artists and calligrapher famous globally.

Also with the application of the direction of qibla can figure out the direction without the need to provide an Internet connection, and uses the app, which was launched by Google last year of augmented reality on the Android system to determine the direction.

It is worth noting that the searches in the month of Ramadan significantly increase especially with specific words about the direction of the qibla, letters, greeting cards, and Ramadan, and here came the Google to meet these needs of users.

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