Know the advantages of the graphic provides SPIDER T260 GOLD PRO

No water movement the modern that fill the markets, shops, electronic, Spyder and his followers from the models of receivers that it is almost sense in which the one except the Targaryen as appreciation. I didn’t enjoy these setups and the efficiency in the operating requirements and diverse that arrive in better even 3 years at a price acceptable command did not provide it.

Participated for the networking sites

Subscriptions graphic provides SPIDER T260 GOLD PRO

  • A subscription to ELITE for 3 years
  • Subscription to BRAVO for a year
  • Clash IPFOX for a year
  • Clash TURBO for a year
  • Clash of the Empire for a year
  • Clash GOLDEN pro for a year
  • Clash HD for a year
  • Clash SPEED for a year
  • Subscription POP for 3 months
  • Clash of DOOM for 3 months.
  • Clash HAHA for 3 months.
  • Clash of Echoo for 3 months.
  • A subscription to Doctor for 3 months.

Clash vanilla there for a year subscription that works on the playback of encrypted channels without the need to download them as is the case with IPTV.

Official available includes huge libraries of movies, series and programs of the different contributions mentioned.


Those who own or seek to buy this category of official servers, we recommend not to activate the subscription with a duration of 3 months, so I’m working on activating the work of one subscription and that the end of 3 months, working on the activation of the subscription which follows, especially to the content of those servers is the same in the number of channels and the content of the film. The goal is to prolong the duration of the hold on this plan in the case of a work in progress.

Price official available SPIDER T260 GOLD PRO

Average price official available 80 USD including the price of a piece of Wi-Fi, which is the equivalent of 1300 pounds, 300 sr, 55 Jordanian dinars.

Ask about the painting available at the nearest distributor hardware independence in your area.


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