Know the application and advantages of the camera phone red hydrogel Wen

Working Reed competent to manufacture a film camera on the phone hydrogel Wen for over a year but it is believed they plan to launch it the first of November next.

The monitoring of the user’s guide on the website of the Federal Communications Commission, which says the licensing of the phones coming to America, to give us a look at the camera application.

The camera interface like in the image below, the advantages of the familiar, which can be known through icons style HDR and Panorama and flash timer.

As for the more unique they are the icon of 2D/3D that will change between the normal export and export three-dimensional.

There is also a pattern of compensation that can work automatically or manually; automatically sets the level of compensation appropriate for the light and shadows, and manually user can be achieved at the shutter speed of the camera’s sensitivity to light, while the control with the white balance would be from the Settings app.

Settings also options to change the precision of photography, black and white photography, the photography interval (Timelapse), and display a graph of the current scene. Also can create and save more of the tone colors to be used by the scene.

It is reported that heroin Wen will come a 4V mysterious at the moment, but believes it is able to display three-dimensional content, this coupled with the processor Snapdragon 835 battery 4,500 mAh and the sky.

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