Know the drawbacks of the phone Galaxy Note 10

By analogy with the specifications of the phone already Galaxy Note 9 the analogy to the price associated with comparing it with other companies, we find that the Samsung phone last Galaxy Note 10 doesn’t meet to the extent of the competition for the blender mag purchase by phone top Galaxy Note 10 plus.

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The foregoing, we find that the price of Galaxy Note 10 announced at $ 899 doesn’t meet that rival the telephone notes 9, where came screen smaller and the accuracy is less complete absence to the heavens and battery with a capacity of less than Note 9 500 mAh. Where was the capacity of a battery not amounting to 4000 mAh we find that the sheet 10 with a capacity of 3500 Mellie, despite the fact that the charging speed in the sheet 10 is higher by 10 watts. But as users we care about the lifetime of the phone away from the charger.

  • Can you imagine the resolution of the screen on the phone Sunday Note 10 no more than 1080 2280 pixels, while in telephone no limits 1440 2960.
    Not to mention the density of the units optical per inch, or what’s called an PPI .

  • 516 unit of light per inch for the sheet 9 while not exceeding 401 module for the sheet 10 to talk!
    Phones a lot of companies suitable for Samsung protect screen specification above of the sheet 10 at a price less 35% plus it holds the same quality gear.But the ones coming out in 4K. كهاتفOnePlus 7, which does not exceed the price of about $ 700 per screen for QHD+ refresh rate of 90 Hz.

  • The absence of the Special Rapporteur to the headset and you have to you enthusiasts use this fish to resort to buying a dongle to your charging port in addition to the price of the phone associated with, where it doesn’t come in its own enclosure.
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  • Unlike the Note 10 plus, missed also a separate external memory microSD in the phone Note 10, some may say that the internal memory is huge to a large extent we don’t need him to that external memory. . Yeah true, but there is interested to save everything on that memory, especially those who doesn’t chime in about breaking system to protect the Root where the allow them to that memory to save a complete copy of the system emergency.

The difference in the specifications between the Note 10 the Note 10 plus the obvious in favor of the report at all, the difference between the sheet 10 and its predecessor notes 9 clear also in favor of the latter.
Van you’re a fan of the medallion and to get a new hobby you think in Notes 10 plus or the sheet 9.


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