Know the hidden advantages in the iOS update 11.3 !

Announced the Apple officially unveiled the iOS update 11.3 coming in the month of March next for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, the update is available now in a prerelease version, and have addressed the most important advantages in the iOS update 11.3 in a previous article, and now we talk about some of the advantages hidden in it and which we also found to be important to them.

تعرف على المزايا الخفية في تحديث iOS 11.3 !

Know the hidden advantages in the iOS update 11.3 !

View the video inside the Apple Music

Service and the Apple Music app will allocate the part to view music videos without ads, and did not disclose Apple TV a lot about this feature, but it will be dedicated for the Apple Music service and will most likely be similar to the Youtube Music.

More information when you update the app

Now when you update your apps via the Store app store you will notice the appearance of the version number of the update in addition to the size you will be after downloading it, install it, and find it in the updates section Updates the annex of each application.

تعرف على المزايا الخفية في تحديث iOS 11.3 !

More information when you update the apps!

Add a new office information emergency

When you use a property calls emergency Emergency SOS / Calls will Apple send your current location accurately to authorities concerned via a property called Advanced Mobile Location (AML). An important addition, but unfortunately will not be available only in States numbered including the United Kingdom, Austria, Iceland and New Zealand.

Finally you can sort the reviews of apps!

One of the most prominent problems in the store, the app store was the Department reviews the application of the Rating & Reviews which displays reviews and user opinions vaguely and I don’t know, I didn’t know some of the first. Now, with the iOS update 11.3 Pat the user can rearrange and sort the applications in several ways: the most advantageous, most favorable, most cash, and latest.

تعرف على المزايا الخفية في تحديث iOS 11.3 !

Finally you can sort the reviews of apps!

Other things!

  • Rename the application of the books to become Books instead of iBooks.
  • Possibility to delete all friend at the talk of the arcade Game Centre.
  • Accelerate the development between applications in the iPhone X.

Needs iOS update 11.3 on a lot of important benefits such as service, Business Chat of the new and special changes to the battery and the plugins related with Animoji and others. And you can identify them in detail by reference to this article: Apple launches update iOS 11.3, and this highlights the advantages of the new!

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