Know the months of the year Android 2019

The company provides industry and develop the games many kinds of games that can be downloaded on smartphones and especially the Android operating system, and these types of games a huge demand from the users of the various categories of nationalities, especially now that these games are free and it won’t cost the person any costs and correspond perfectly with any model of phones Android like also using online it the T-car, sauna, games between the general action or Motion, and cartoon and games of wits, skill and others, such as general casino online, so that they find every person type of that prefer.

It has achieved these kinds of games unparalleled success in the last period, where showed the ratio of sales demand increased last year and continued for the current year 2019. Or what are these famous games for the Android system, this what we learn in the following:

The list of Base general Android 2019

1 – a game of cat speaker on the Android 2019

This game comes in the introduction to the general Android of 2019, it’s classified as general pets are in the skies of the virtual world, and more types of games that attract all ages and groups, because they carry a huge amount of fun and action during the latest update and positions of the fun, where one can play with the cat “Tom” via the launcher bubbles and jelly and feed him and laugh with him and with the help of in the shower and his bed to sleep and other events by Cat and can download this game for free by clicking on the link.

2 – the game Candy Crush Saga for Android 2019

This game tops the lists of World Android for several years and continue to 2019, because of entertaining games that carry a great deal of entertainment and skill development and, therefore, attract millions of users from different ages and categories, it’s also fully compatible with diverse versions of Android, such as less using, identity with other. You can download this game very easily by clicking on the link at the bottom for no cost permanently.

3 – game a subway on the Android 2019

One of the most famous games which have high demand from various users of Android around the world of different ages, because it includes as large of fun and entertainment, excitement, focus, enthusiasm, in addition to that game mode its very simple, you can download this game through pressing on the link your direct and without any cost.

4 – the game happy farm on the Android of 2019

Game happy farm is the most general Android app that achieved great success and spread the enormous between users around the world since I was put on the market since about five years, because it attracts players large and small, women and men at one time, because its features are superior making game characters actually fight in a wonderful way through the graphic arts cutting-edge and budgets up-to-date, especially this year after providing a lot of possibilities and possible additions, and can be downloaded easily by clicking on the link to your curse and me.

5 – the game Ben Ten on Android 2019

It is one of the nicest general carbon characterized by Entertainment and the enthusiasm and thrill, particularly with the transformation of the hero of the game that is called “us address” to the strange objects from outer space, spin the events of the game with a sophisticated and high quality, any user can possess one of the versions of Android that carry this game for free by clicking on the link.

These were the months of the year Android of 2019, and continuing from last year, which is expected to last for many years to come, especially to companies developing the games add many of the plugins that make it fashionable and not the users feel bored with them, especially to download these games and other lots of other types of completely free.

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