Know the new features in iCloud for Windows 10

Cloud storage or the Cloud is simply expressing the owning user for the private space on the servers of a company which could save his files and his voice, along with the more advanced options other, most technology companies have their services to private cloud, perhaps you know -or used – Drive service of Google, OneDrive, special price Microsoft, Dropbox as well as certainly the iCloud owned by Apple, which is what matters to us now.

Today we’ll talk with you about the application of iCloud, the new operating system Windows 10, which is the application which comes to users of Apple’s mobile devices including phones iPhone, and iPad tablet as well as devices iPod greater potential in the management of the iCloud account through your computer, which is already harder and less effective, however, the new application has become very simple, especially because the new app comes with features and characteristics are so important, are you excited?

Application iCloud, the new operating system Windows 10

Last week, Apple announced the launch of application iCloud, the new operating system Windows which is certainly the Wave computers (PCs) and the new app will allow the user to reach the content of the iCloud account your full as well as the modification and change among the services that will be released to the user through the new update we find the iCloud Drive, Photos on iCloud, email, contacts, alerts, calendar and Lightbox Safari.

So, you know that the new app will have access to all the contents of your iCloud account to create, but what you can perform effectively?


Sync photos and videos: where it through a new app and specifically through the iCloud service Photos available to all users of Apple devices will be able to save images that are captured or saved on your phone and your tablet automatically on the computer, so that the photo will be filed for the iCloud automatically after it is captured, as usual, but new that it will be automatically downloaded to your computer.


File synchronization: quite simply, it is through iCloud Drive, you can put one of the files, especially text files, the Docs/PDF folder within iCloud through the computer to be able to access it and use it from any other device from your devices on the same iCloud account, the same theory, you can reach through your computer any file you might put it on الـCloud through your smart phone.


Sync your information between devices: next to the images, videos, texts, you will be able to through the application of iCloud for Windows to sync your e-mail, iCloud Mail, Contacts your Contacts along with calendar and alerts to be accessed from all your devices including certainly working computer running Windows.


Sync favorites on Safari: perhaps you wonder, how would you synchronize the favorite safari while not having the Safari browser for a Windows operating system of the foundation, and answer with ease that the new app isn your favorites Bookmarks from Safari browser the browser that you are using on the windows whether Firefox, Chrome or even Internet Explorer, which is a useful feature too.


Manage iCloud account: through a new app you will be able to amend your preferences for your iCloud account as you will be able to figure out how much storage space you have consumed and the empty space also, so you’ll be able to certainly scan the files that are no longer of interest to you to empty some space or you can simply transfer them to your computer.

What’s special about the application of iCloud new?

The new app features that are available through Windows Store apps (the Microsoft Store) which you you can you download it and install it without the trouble of regular programs, as well as, Microsoft confirmed in an article on her blog -and in the sources – that the new app will be the same technology that works the OneDrive app of its own, especially in the OneDrive Files On-Demand to increase the effectiveness of the use of files without connecting to the internet, you can know more about the mechanism of action is that through this link on the Microsoft website, if you are interested in this topic.

You can you download the new app from here through the shop Marcos, or through this link through Apple’s site.

Of the things about this app also is that it inherently integrates with the windows fully, so you will be able to manage the iCloud your Drive through the File Explorer directly, where you will be able to share files on the iCloud and use it without any need to transfer them to the computer.

Here we talk about the application of iCloud, the new operating system Windows, are you excited or going to use it? We participated in the comments now…



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