Know the new features in the iPad Pro 2018

Revealed by the few officially about the iPad Pro 2018 Update great design and some additional improvements that make it a strong competitor for computers as the Apple TV.

Modern design

Create iPad Pro 2018 from Button home and replace it with a system of development in the gestures that came for iPad with iOS 12, and has entailed getting rid of the button home to reduce the edges of the screen, to come to the small screen, 11 inch in the same size model, 10.5 inch, the Everyone model 12.9-inch size is smaller compared with the models of 2017, as it became a fish a top-notch 15% after graduation from the outlet of the sky the traditional.

Face ID

Came iPad Pro 2018 Camera real depth to feature Face Recognition three-dimensional Face ID which can thus open the locking device and ratification of the operations of defence in the face, say Face Recognition other advantages, such as simulator characters name memory for facial expressions in order to use them in conversations.

Extraordinary performance with the new processor

Thanks to The Wizard A12X-source-Core 7 nm, which did not exist before in any tablet or computer, the Apple TV updates big on performance, specifically the performance of the faster processor of the Central up to 90%, thanks to the graphics card, The New increase the speed of GPUs 1000%. How will the user on the storage options up to 1 TB.

USB-C expands the functionality of the tablet

Instead of the port lightning, comes iPad Pro 2018 USB-C, which qualifies the tablet to be fit for the match as you want to Apple; you could use the new product to take advantage of a wide assortment of accessories include iPhone the output video accurately 5K to screen compatible.

Digital pen, keyboard

Came to the pen with a new design change the way you use his radical; connects magnetically to the pipe to start wireless charging on the spot, and by touching the pen nib external change function used according to certain patterns. Can also be connected to the keyboard is also wireless. choose between two angles to use.

For prices start from$ 800 for the 11-inch with a capacity of 64 gigabytes and 1000$ for the 12.9-inch with a capacity of 64 gigabytes to be the expansion of trade beginning 7 November.

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