Know the repair costs phone Evo XR new before you buy it!

Waiting to start the launch of the iPhone XR next Friday the 26th of October after making it available for pre-order in 50 countries around the world for several days. He may be a lot of people embarking on the purchase of the phone, this is a good thing but at the same time should be aware of the repair costs in case of damage to the machine, god forbid!

تعرف على تكاليف إصلاح هاتف iPhone XR الجديد قبل شرائه!
Know the repair costs of the iPhone XR new before you buy it!

Phone iPhone XR iPhone is Cheaper this year at a starting price of $ 750 dollars, but the costs to fix it – as is usually the phones iPhone – High will cost you 199 $ in case you need to replace the screen if broken, the up the repair costs to $ 399 USD – more than half the price of the phone itself – in the case of the presence of additional damage to the next screen.

These are the prices announced by Apple via its official website, and may be subject to increase if add taxes, VAT like, it is also the price committed to by agents Apple official within the country, but perhaps you may find the repair costs cheaper to have maintenance centers independent. (See related: prices and launch of iPhone XR in the Arab states!)

Some may wonder about the feasibility of having the warranty that comes with the phone, we would like to make it clear if that warranty covers only repair manufacturing defects in the phone for free or at a low cost and does not cover the warranty any further damage caused by misuse.

There is another solution to reduce the cost of reform through participation in the program AppleCare+ for 150$ for the warranty period of two years and repair damage at a much lower cost, but AppleCare+ does not exist only in a limited number of states is not among them Arab states.

In this article, not warn from buying the phone but we would like to put the user’s financial considerations other in the event of noticeable damage to the phone, because it – as is the case in phones iPhone other – will cost a lot also it is important to keep the phone as it is advised to use a protective cover or a protective screen to avoid that damage as much as possible in spite of the confirmation of Apple’s repeated on the follow-up to the new versions of the iPhone. (Read Also: price of imagination – how much to repair iPhone XS and XS Max new?!)

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