Know the secret of the letter “I” in the names of Apple devices

Start the names of the majority of the devices and products of the company Apple with the letter “I.” like the iPhone” and”iPad” and”iTunes”, and this war to a symbol of famous for by the company and its organs, using for the first time when you launch the computers Mac in 1998 and continued to use it in many other devices.

According to Steve Jobs, the founder of the company, there are many things in the English language that begin with the letter “A.” among them the following: Internet Internet or in person individual or instruct instruct or inform inform or inspire inspire, and can enter all of them in the directory that holds the letter “i”.

Launched device “iPad Mac” in the markets in the shadow of the blockbuster world is HIGH on the internet, which ignited a competition among computer manufacturing companies at that time, according to the website Business Insider, this war is often back to the Word of Internet Internet, and therefore have the name of the iMac meant Internet Mac phone iPhone means Internet Phone. Perhaps the Apple TV is no longer used this character in their new products for various reasons, for example, within hours her new iPod was to use the iWatch, however there is a company already using that name, forcing it to use the Apple watch, the same thing with the headset HomePod will to use it with its policy to become an iCar, perhaps?

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