Know the smart watch is the most expensive in the World. With be a piece of diamond


Announced Brand-Swiss TAG Heuer copy classy encrusted with Diamonds of H by the Modular 45 that revealed by last year, the company added edition of the new 589 pieces of diamond, equivalent to 23.35 carats of gems, which was unveiled at theSalon International de la Haute Horlogerie pocket laws.

ساعة TAG HeuerHours TAG Heuer

According to Cnet the U.S., it seems the price of the new watch about 197 thousand dollars, making it a smart watch is the most expensive in the world, as for the specifications, why add the Swiss company of any changes in this new version, which is Modular 45 running Android 2.0 , and the same technology built-in for the old.

It is worth mentioning that H Modular 45 that launched last year has achieved great success and received overwhelming response by the users, although the price tag high, which reached $ 1,600.

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