Know the top 10 features of New iPad to 2018

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آيباد لعام 2018 يقدم 10 ميزات جديدة من أجل تجربة استخدام أسهل وأسرع

The company launched the Apple new version of its TABLET IPAD, named iPad 2018 at the end of March, representing a huge leap in the tablet market where the supply of the Apple iPad the new processor A10 Fusion power with the support of techniques of augmented reality and is the first tablet outside the chain of iPad Pro gets a stylus support digital Apple Pencil, which offers users many benefits and new experiences, it also offers iOS 11 features powerful new device.

We will be highlighting the day on the most important 10 features of the new concern to users in the iPad to 2018

1 – focus instant Instant Markup

Is a feature called mark on anything in the iPad using the digital pen Apple Pencil, whether PDF files or screen shots or images.

When you take a screenshot which can be done by pressing the power button and the button key at the same time show the person’s photo thumbnail in the bottom left corner for a few seconds before disappearing you can click on it to enter to put the focus spot in this mode you can draw lines, symbols and stocks in addition to writing text, and make other changes to the photo, once finished you can share the photos that have been modified or saved in the “files” or Save to “photos”.

2. feature file instant notes Instant Notes

By clicking by Apple on the screen of your iPad while lock screen will open the device in observations prompt allowing you to take notes without unlocking your iPad’s full, while everything you do will be saved in the application notes for later reference.

To activate this feature you can move to Settings and then the notes and to Access Notes from the lock screen and select the option that fits your needs.

3 – drawing feature is included Inline Drawing

Before iOS version 11, you must click on the icon focus before you can use the pen and Apple in the notes, but now with an iOS version 11 you can start even directly with written text by touching the screen using a Apple TV.

And the drawing is included to prevent overlapping text with the graphic where the text moves automatically to the side so that it does not intersects with your drawings or you have to survey and re-drawing and pressing myself again, as well as texts that are recorded using Pen in your drawings, the system can identify you as a user can access via the sea.

You can also drawing through the Mail app, as the app began to support the addition of graphics within the messages and thus can be for your emails to carry some notes, illustrations, and begin to use this feature you have to press on the screen and then click “Insert sketch” to start using the pen the Apple TV, as that machine learning in the operating system iOS 11 provided that can read the text that has been drawn manually and you can find it through searches within notes, or by searching in Spotlight.

4. the feature of scanning documents and digital signature Scan and Sign

Is a new feature within the notes application by which you can scan to your documents or your important papers and converted into a digital copy you can make all the required amendments on them and then sign it electronically using a stylus.

To access this feature on your iPad you can open the notes application and click on the icon, Plus then click scan documents, Scan Documents, and will be presented to the iPad scene, which shows the rear camera will automatically scan the document and once you have a clear shot enough, or you can click the capture button directly.

5. Write one-handed Keyboard Flicking

The system provides iOS 11 status of work on the keyboard with one hand while having the option to Flick to enable to write the numbers and symbols more quickly and in an easier manner where the keys are the symbols of a gray color over most of the normal keyboard that appears on the screen, which can be accessed without the need to switch because the keyboard layout was different, instead of clicking on the key for writing you can now press it and the switch from movement normal to the zip top, this is extremely useful in the writing numbers because you no longer need to click on the icon to change the keyboard layout to show the numbers, Also you can write numbers faster with the possibility to use a pencil and Apple TV.

6. split the keyboard into two halves and move the Split Keyboard

Possible to split the keyboard into two halves and move it and put each section on either side of the screen instead of making it take half the bottom of the screen which makes it easy to typing on the keyboard while you hold the device to your iPad with both your hands.

You can activate this feature through the keyboard settings and then activate the feature Split Keyboard, through the keyboard, press at length the button at the bottom right shows you two options, choose the Split, and in the case of re the keyboard to the normal state, press the extended button above and then choose Dock and Merge.

7 – The Control Panel quick The New Dock

Will quick scroll to top of screen iPad bottom to get the Control Panel quick Dock no matter what you do on the device which makes access to your favorite apps much easier as you can switch between them quickly much, you can also customize the right side of the Dock for apps that you prefer, and on the left side you can see the apps you’ve used recently, and the Dock is capable of carrying more than 10 apps installed permanently to a side show 3 more apps to use.

8. split the screen into two halves Slide Over and Split View

This feature provides you to use two apps at once, while giving you the Dock easily work on multiple applications at the same time, you can drag the application to the outside of the Dock to create a Slide Over or dragging it to the right or left edge of the screen to create a Split View.

You can also work on one of the apps in the Slide Over and display the two apps in Split View and watch a movie or use FaceTime in portrait mode within the image, all on the same screen.

If you work with two apps in Split View and you want to open a third app in the Slide Over, simply drag your finger from the bottom of the screen to open the Dock, and then drag the app to the top of the divided application. Let the application open in the Slide Over, touch and hold then drag it to the left or right side of the screen, and you can divide the applications of 50/50 or split 25/75 for any application.

9 – drag and drop DRAG AND DROP

The drag and drop feature allows to drag any piece of text example, links or images or files and transfer them from one application to another with ease. Pressure musk and fingering begins to make withdrawals, while the finger of the other can be used to bring up the Dock or access to the Home screen to open another application where they are dropping the element that is being dragged.

The drag and drop feature better while using View split Split or use the application in put the Slide Over. Work the drag and drop feature with links or URLs, images from the photos app, documents from the application files and articles from the news app and locations from the maps of Apple.

10 – Control Center CONTROL CENTER

The last feature is the new Control Center, you can access it by double-clicking the Home button or make a long pass from the bottom of the screen will open the converter apps App Switcher, where the Control Center on the right side of the screen in both landscape and portrait mode which will run the Dock your also.

Can control center that provides access to a wide range of functions, which can also be customized such as: adjust the volume or skip a track on the music pad you can also adjust the provisional specific or off night mode Night Shift.

You can also customize the controls by going to Settings Control Center, there is a control screen to register a new allowing you to easily start recording a video of your screen with the possibility to click and hold to turn on or off the microphone during recordings.

Know the top 10 features of New iPad to 2018

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