Know the value of the socialist nations of Africa, Cuba, America 2019

Before we get into show me that the sport and the contributions of Africa Cup of nations, Cuba and America, which will be initiated next month, we refer here to the blundering management of the channel in install this the show where they had announced a while ago about the 30% discount on package two and soon disappeared display before one can subscribe.

So when you replay the show, and mace show of the summer which seemed to him they settled on the price of the subscription, where the premiere appeared on the news new to participate in user accounts Online soon disappeared when many !

Summer Show 2019

Latest offer “summer package” includes up to the tournament, two of the nations of Africa, Cuba, America, anti-US as a subscription package any Lite for 3 months.
Offer came the summer of $ 35 USD.

Or subscription package Cup um Africa alone $ 30
To take a bouquet of Cuba America alone $ 25

Supply and branded marketing we believe he will continue for 10 days since it is installed for users within their account, which means he expected to be today, May 20, 2019 and will continue until the end of the month.

Open to offers subscribe to the service for the individual encouraging users, to cool summer offer which includes the two packages + subscription to Elite for 3 months is the most rewarding at the stated price of 35 USD.

The approximate price for the subscription offer summer work of Arab

  • 132 sr
  • 600 EGP
  • 25 Jordanian dinars
  • 11 KD
  • 340 mad
  • 129 AED
  • 42 thousand Iraqi dinars


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