Know the ways to delete apps 3 iOS 11

Download and then delete the Apps is very traditional and we all do regardless have a Apple phone or Android or even windows and BlackBerry. It’s quite similar in both systems but Apple decided years ago to make it different in the iOS by adding other ways to delete the app and offer various advantages for the deletion of the traditional. In this article we learn about ways to delete apps three iOS

1 The traditional way

We all know this method through touch, prolonged on the app so who cares and then pressing X and then deletion. If your phone supports 3D Touch, you have to focus a little bit to be a touch not pressure. Once you have these steps will be removing the app and its data from your phone in seconds. But of course, anything you’ve saved in the cloud won’t be deleted and can be accessed by the application file that the value added by Apple in iOS 11.

The use of this method for the final disposal of the application and quickly

2 Delete apps through the settings

Remove the apps through the settings is not as quick as the deleted from the main screen. But useful in several things first, it gives you an idea of the size of the application space that you’re moving and you can do this through Settings – General – storage iPhone or iPad and you will see all the apps and their sizes and the space used and remaining on the device. There under the name of each application The size of it and the last date it was run. Click on the app to find the size of the application and the volume of data and documents. If you want to remove the entire application, tap Delete, the app will warn you that you will delete all app data will be deleted in a second. Will be returned to the list of programs once it is cleared the application.

Use this method when you want to empty as much of space and you don’t know the applications that use them

3 dump the app or Offload App

A new feature added by Apple months ago in iOS, and you can delete any application not using it currently with the preservation of data contained within it. Will appear the icon of the application present on the phone screen when you click on it to run it, you have to wait a bit until the application is loaded. This is undoubtedly a wonderful thing, you can preserve the application data while saving space on your phone.

To unload the app or to Offload App go to Settings – General – storage space of iPhone or iPad – tap the app – then remove the app – you’ll see a warning message click on remove app again, and after a few moments you will delete the app while keeping its data.

Use this option to delete the application may later use this alliance to the king to return

Dump apps automatically

This option is preferred for those who have storage spaces, small. Activates auto-negotiation for applications when approaching the space on completion, and on the applications that you have not used for a long time. This method is similar to the one in the Apple TV, when processing a limited space.

To enable this feature automatically through the Settings – General – iTunes Store and App Store – then scroll down to the bottom and enable the removal of unused applications.


◉You want to delete any app quickly: use the first option.

◉There is no space and want to delete more apps taking space: use the second option.

◉All of the apps you have used but need the space now: use the second option.

Any ways it deems more suitable to you? And use the OffLoad of the comments from before? Tell us in the comments

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