Know who unfriend you on Facebook

تعرف على من قام بإلغاء صداقتك على الفيسبوك

It is not a quick and easy way that enables you to recognize a friend who dared to abolish his friendship with you on the networking site Facebook. Not in front of you to host the it, manually visit the account who do you think he did this to have stumble on it by accident.

App Who unfriended me will miss you for that if it matters to you, you’ll find it’s the sergeant of the activation process this application and will monitor all accounts friends added you, would you immediately if one of them cancel friendship with you unfriended.

Of course, the task of app is to inform you that it is not the task of another does not, and requires you to authorize it to log on as you on Facebook and give him the necessary powers.
There is no doubt that there are many who drop out of such powers after the scandals of Facebook, but practically there is not even now suspect the credibility of the app after I exceeded the file process download on the Google Play Store alone.
There is not to make any negative remarks about his work.

The app is free and available for platforms Android and iOS operating , but it is annoying to some extent the advertisements accompanying the not, but here you don’t us too much where I won’t use the app to do its work. And you won’t have to run it only when you will keep you through the development there of the abolition of the friendship with you.

To download the app from the Google Play Store
Who unfriended me

Download the app for iPhone
Who unfriended me

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