Knowledge of the appearance of the last people on Instagram and find out that it was connected to the

Instagram allows the advantage of knowing the last interaction of the act of private messages

Property last seen or last known interaction of friends almost became present in most social networking applications and it is possible that looking for users to know if their friend is connected on Instagram , where it’s the strategy this feature is newly in the application of Instagram and now you can battle another appearance on Instagram or other interaction .

Instagram showing activity status

This year has seen many changes and new features on the application Instagram last feature was showing the last activity or the interaction of users , we will explain this feature and talk about in this topic .

Feature another appearance or another interaction link to the Instagram conversation in private messages only with any friends who share with them the messages where they appear, the words stating the time of the person’s other details like since 3 minutes, and so on.


Obviously Instagram you want the concentration of water to prevent communicating with some via private messages, not all available on the app currently and is intended to other words, appearance or other activity on Instagram that this person who I struck up a conversation with him private, he did publish a publication or interaction with one of the publications of Instagram whether to suspend or impress or-also includes the active on Instagram make that person any private conversation on the app .

How do I know person connected in Instagram is?

The specificity of water as is the case with WhatsApp, where you can turn off the water and will not allow your friends know when you last interaction, but you will lose water also won’t know when you conducted your friends, post interaction just as it is in the application alwats August

You can turn on or turn off the water via the options in the app and remove the activation beside the option to Show the Activity Status as it is in the picture it is very simple and will increase the users attention to conversations and their interaction on the application Instagram will double, therefore this is a good step to gain the largest amount of users .

كيف تعرف اخر ظهور للشخص على الانستقرام
How do you know the appearance of the last people on Instagram

Instagram choose a distinctive new instagram 2018

Choose the social media platform in this period has a set of features and extra tools that may impress users and provide them download apps help , such as feature share photos and videos on your account from the account of the person to the other without having to download the program, Repost , button Regram that will allow users to publish photos and videos to other users .

Also some of the actresses proposed for addition in the next update of the application to Instagram’s search feature for animated GIF images dedicated to, so that can add animations to the story.

اضافة صورGIF على الستوري
Extra صورGIF to see

As you choose the product, add other needs to get popular among users the ability to archive user stories, so that will be the user demand of Instagram to do the job automatically, it seems that it will be the users of the operating system iOS soon watch posts within the Instagram through needed feature in WhatsApp by one click.

And there is also a new feature called the list of close friends, which allows users to share specific posts with a core group of people, and Instagram have worked earlier this year on the selection of feature learn friends favorite, and it seems that this feature is almost there officially, so as to allow the water by adding a select group of friends to the list to watch the selected content with them just .

Download Instagram Arabic Instagram latest version

Application of the Instagram wagon 2017 renowned specialist in publishing and sharing photos and videos , you can share photos and add me to your account , they can be added from the studio in case of their availability on the phone in advance, or taken and published in the same moment taken and HD quality , with the possibility of adding effects that make the image to share the best appearance and is subject to change in case of facing any disadvantages by making all your friends and colleagues admire them .

The reason that download program Instagram for months, it’s the impressive big Ali the greatest number of famous the world of business and politics, this is because it sustains and protects all user data from hack and complete privacy for all their images.

Many users of Instagram are losing their accounts from theft or hack pay attention to privacy settings and edit and find a way to secure the account Instagram of speed pictures

To be able to post pictures and interact and communicate with others via social networking before you begin the process of creating an account Instagram or account Instagram , you must download the application Instagram on your mobile phone or download Instagram for Android or faith for free.

Download Instagram direct link is simple you only need to click on the links to download or download the application Instagram from Google Play for Android or the Apple App Store on any OS for free

Download application Instagram for Android and iPhone for free


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